Political Endorsements

Make sure you're ready to vote, check your ballot candidatesMake sure you’re ready to make your voice heard on Election Day!

Together, we can get environmental champions and climate justice advocates elected at the local and state level, and all the way up to the White House.

Use Sierra Club's Election Center to check your voter registration status now and look up polling place locations and resources to vote by mail safely, securely, and on time: sc.org/vote.

How the Sierra Club Endorsement Process Works

To ensure the Sierra Club only endorses the best environmental candidates, we have developed a multi-step volunteer-driven process and criteria for selecting which candidates receive our support. Each of our endorsements are voted on by two committees made up of volunteers. Volunteers examine each candidate's record and distribute questionnaires to candidates who meet our criteria. The questionnaire responses are then evaluated, and when applicable, interviews with candidates are conducted. Throughout our process, volunteers evaluate the environmental and public health records of candidates, their electability and their propensity to be a true champion on our issues.

If you are a candidate interested in seeking the Massachusetts Sierra Club's endorsement, please click here to request an endorsement questionnaire.

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