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Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs Clean Energy Advocacy Day!

Join us on September 26th for a full day of action, including a climate rally and festival featuring dynamic guest speakers, live music, food, and direct engagement with our state legislators. RSVP and we’ll see you on the Capitol lawn!

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We have an opportunity to become a clean energy leader. We can create good-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, force big utility companies to stop taking advantage of Michigan families, and so much more. But we need our legislators in Lansing to step up – and to do that, they need to hear from usLearn more about the legislation we are advocating for by checking out our handbook.

Summer 2023 In-District Lobbying!

Michigan’s House and Senate will recess for most of July and August, with members spending time in their districts. Now is the time to use your voice to influence your lawmakers and urge them to prioritize environmental issues when they head back to the Capitol. Join our in-district lobbying team and help us make game-changing investments in renewable energy and water infrastructure a real thing. Your voice represents real power in Lansing right now - we need you! Join us!

Join the In-District Lobby Team

What is a Citizen Lobbyist and What Do They Do?

Would you like an opportunity to influence the legislative process regarding important environmental issues such as clean energy, global warming, protecting the Great Lakes, saving our forests or stopping animal factory pollution? 

  • Sierra Club's Citizen Lobbyists play an important role in communicating the message of conservation and environmental protection to Michigan’s legislators. 
  • Personal contact with your legislator could make the difference between a vote against the environment and a vote for the environment!
  • Sierra Club staff and volunteers monitor and participate in the legislative process on issues prioritized by the Chapter's Conservation Committee. 
  • The Chapter's legislative program publishes a legislative scorecard, coordinates citizen lobby days, and facilitates communication between lawmakers and their Sierra Club member constituents via In-District Meetings.
  • As an active member or Citizen Lobbyist, you can help by participating in lobby meetings, writing letters to the editor of your local paper on key environmental issues or responding to action alerts when environmental legislation hangs in the balance.
  • No experience is necessary! We welcome all interested members and citizens. Our 200+ trained Lead Lobbyists know the ropes, understand citizen lobbying and will help you get started.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

If you’re ready to participate, or if you have additional questions, please call Tim Minotas at (517) 999-1305 or send an e-mail to