OPPD extends coal burning at the North Omaha Station

An ad hoc group was formed to address health and environmental justice issues related to the continuation of the burning of coal at the North Omaha Station

As the saying goes: "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu."

Cornell West calls out OPPD for not shutting down the North Omaha Coal Plant

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Climate Justice in Omaha: A project of Creighton's 2023 Sociology420 Environment and Society Students and Sierra Club
US banks are sacrificing poor communities to the climate crisis, by Ben Jealous, Executive Director of the Sierra Club and Bill McKibben, noted environmental writer and founder of Third Act.  The Guardian, March 16, 2023
North Omaha Coal Plant

North Omaha residents installing air quality monitors near coal-burning station, Nebraska Examiner, April 22, 2023, by Zane Wendling

YouTube video of March 23, 2023 presentation about Finding Solutions given by the North Omaha ad hoc group members Preston Love, Jr. and David Corbin

Nebraska Asthma Coalition Statistics

Inflation Reduction Act for Nebraska (IRA): Cleaner Air: The Inflation Reduction Act will offer environmental justice block grants, investments for cleaner buses and trucks, and a Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator that will prioritize emissions-reducing projects in disadvantaged communities.

Click this link to see a sample letter to Governor Pillen to urge him to request the IRA funding.

Inflation Reduction Act and urban trees: By allocating $1.5 billion for the U.S. Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program, this monumental bill, now the law of the land, will help bring cooling and pollution-fighting urban tree cover to all corners of the country, maximizing the multifold benefits of trees in combating climate change.

This is a partial list of national health and medical organizations that support the Inflation Reduction Act: American Lung Association, American Public Health Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and National Medical Association

Omaha Heat Campaign Report, UNMC


February 9,  2023 media coverage of the North Omaha ad hoc group :

WOWT - New at 4:00
North Omaha OPPD plant’s continued use of coal concerning neighbors
Two of the five units at the plant in question still operate on coal.
By John Chapman

WOWT - Live at 6:30
North Omaha OPPD plant’s continued use of coal concerning neighbors
Two of the five units at the plant in question still operate on coal.
By John Chapman

KETV 7 News Updated: 6:06 PM CST 
North Omaha leaders discuss next steps with OPPD on coal burning
Members of a 50-person community committee for North Omaha say their goal is singular: stop the burning
by Josh Kristianto, Multimedia Journalist

KMTV 3 News Now - Posted at 7:27 PM
North Omaha group meets with OPPD leadership on coal use at power plant
By: Aaron Hegarty

KPTM Fox 42 News at 9:00 PM - The lead story!
North Omaha leaders give update on OPPD meeting about coal burning at North O plant
by Rose Todd

Citizen group says dialogue is now 'open' with OPPD over North Omaha coal plant, Omaha World-Herald, by Nancy Gaarder, published online, Feb. 9

Please consider writing to OPPD directors and CEO using this link.

Ask them to access federal funds from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) and Environmental Protection Agency grants

More Than 175 Groups Urge Equitable Oversight of Inflation Reduction Act Funds 

- Statement on Importance of Federal Oversight of Inflation Reduction Act’s Labor, Equity, and Environmental Goals  

- Really smart piece from @350's @moredower and Daniel Hunter on how activists need to work the IRA climate bill to spread the money where it should go https://t.co/6IWhWQrbow

Conversation with Cheryl -David Corbin and Graham Jordison discuss when is an IRA not an Individual Retirement Account and how approximately $91 million dollars could help Nebraskans save money through Clean Energy, Reduce Harmful Pollution and Create Good Paying jobs.

You can also ask OPPD to: 1)  increase solar energy in North Omaha such as at 75 North, the Malcolm X center and at churches and schools. (for example,  having solar energy with battery backup in schools and churches),  2) Help residents to make their homes or apartments more energy efficient, 3) Place more air pollution monitors in North Omaha so residents can know when pollution levels are high (EPA is currently considering making air quality standards more stringent), 4) help to create more green spaces,  5) engage with the community to explore other ways to help the North Omaha community.



OPPD Board of Directors' meeting video where the vote was made to continue burning coal at units 4 & 5 at the North Omaha Station until 2026 instead of the planned 2023 date (discussion on this topic begins at 27:51)

The text of OPPD's resolution 6518


OPPD board approves North Omaha Station extension, The Wire (Energy News from OPPD), August 18, 2022

OPPD Board Approves Recommendation To Delay Retirement, Conversion Of Plant Units, American Public Power Association, August 23, 2022

Link to a video from 2014 about the initial campaign to stop burning coal at the North Omaha Station.

Get Off Coal music video performed by Omahans David Corbin with lyrics by John Pollack

Preston Love, Midlands Voices


OPPD OWH part one


Part 2 OPPD OWH Dec. 9, 2022


Love Your History: The OPPD Fire and Coal Plant with Preston Love, Jr. YouTube video.

OPPD board votes to delay sunsetting of North Omaha coal units, KETV news, August 18, 2022


Coal will burn three years longer at OPPD’s North Omaha Station, WOWT News, August 18, 2022.



Despite health concerns OPPD delays coal plant's shutdown, News Channel Nebraska, August 18, 2022




Locals unhappy about OPPD's decision to delay station's switch to natural gas, KPTM news, August 19, 2022


The letter above  appeared in The Public Pulse, Omaha World-Herald, August 24, 2022

OPPD board votes to continue coal use at North Omaha plant — for now, Omaha World-Herald, August 18, 2022.

Nebraska coal-fired power plant latest to delay closure, Reuters, August 19, 2022

OPPD Slows Coal Conversion, News Radio 1040, August 19, 2022





Before the Board Vote

OPPD Recommends Delaying Transition of North Omaha Station (OPPD media release)


OPPD All Committee meeting video, August 16, 2022 (the discussion of the extension of the use of the coal plant begins at 2:07:55.


Amidst rising heat, are redlined neighborhoods hotter than the rest? by Addie Costello, Flatwater Press, July 8, 2022. (This article has a segment about OPPD's proposal).


OPPD proposes burning coal at North Omaha plant for three more years, WOWT news, June 24, 2022. (Nebraska Sierra Club)


North Omaha Station Could Be Burning Coal Until 2026 Instead of Stopping in 2023, NOISE, July 21, 2022, by Kietry Zychal


North Omaha Could Burn Coal Until 2026, NOISE, by Kietryn Zychal (interview with OPPD Director Eric Williams) pdf version


Midlands Voices: It is 'imperative' OPPD decarbonizes day-to-day energy usage, by Alison Freifeld, Katherine Finnegan, Jennifer Glazer and Sandy Lehr, Omaha World-Herald, July 28, 2022.


Why Omaha Public Power District's coal plant closure has been delayed, KETV News, by Joey Safchik, August 9, 2022


Sierra Club: OPPD delay ripe with health problems, News Channel Nebraska, by Joe Jordan, August 9, 2022


U.S. coal plants delay closures in hurdle for clean energy transition, Reuters, by Timothy Gardner, August 10, 2022


Coal Plants Are Being Kept Online To Prevent Blackouts As Green Transition Falters, Daily Caller, by Jack McEvoy, August 10, 2022


In a twist, OPPD could keep burning coal as renewable projects undergo study, Nebraska Public Media, by Kavahn Mansouri, August 11, 2011



Click here to see a video that summarizes the campaign in 2014 when OPPD converted North Omaha Station's units 1,2 & 3 from coal to natural gas.


Sierra Club's Beyond Coal call to action: Click here.



Click this link to view various segments of OPPD Director Eric Williams' Town Hall meeting on Facebook

Below are links to media coverage of OPPD Director Eric Williams' Town Hall meeting on July 24, 2022

Public meeting for north Omaha power plant plans, July 24, 2022, WOWT news, by Ron Johnson.

Community shares opinions on possible coal-burning extension at OPPD plant in North Omaha, July 24, 2022, WOWT news, by Marlo Lundak.

North Omaha residents ask questions, voice concerns over OPPD, KMTV news, July 24, 2022

Click here to see OPPD Director Craig Moody's virtual Town Hall meeting, August 2, 2022.