Sustainable Human Habitats

Conservation efforts (campaigns, projects, programs, etc.) of Sierra Club Chapters under SUSTAINABLE HUMAN HABITATS include:

Air/Water Pollution Detection – Sustainable Consumption – Retrofitting (insulating, etc.) Building and Homes – Urban Sprawl

Some Specific Programs addressing the above areas, include:

Recycling, Zero Waste – Urban Agriculture – Farmers Markets – Cool Cities – Buildings/Homes Retrofitting – Urban Infill – Green Jobs – Environmental Justice

Sustainability Tips

Tips  <<Click here for human sustainability tips.

Questions? Contact these  members of the MVG Conservation Committee:

George Cunningham, Chair –
Ken Deffenbacher, NebrForSolar Chair –
Helen Deffenbacher, NebrForSolar –
Jane Wilson, Clean Energy Coalition Rep –
Pat Fuller, Clean Energy Coalition Rep –
Gustave Von Roenn –