Sample letter to Gov. Pillen

Below is a sample letter  for you to consider sending to Governor Pillen to ask him to request Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding for Nebraska.

This is a partial list of national health and medical organizations that support the Inflation Reduction Act: American Lung Association, American Public Health Association, American Psychological Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, National Medical Association, National League for Nursing and American College of Physicians.

Contact by phone: (402-471-2244)


Hon. Governor Pillen:

Please assure that Nebraska applies for the Inflation Reduction Funds (IRA). There are so many ways that our state could benefit from these funds like supporting energy efficiency thus helping Nebraskans to save on their energy bills. Energy efficiency and energy independence are strong conservative values that resonate with many Nebraskans. The IRA also has funding opportunities to help traditionally underserved communities to reduce pollution and to become more resilient. In addition, the IRA includes funding for agriculture, forestry and rural development.  The funding uses a carrot rather than a stick approach. In other words, individuals, businesses, schools, houses of worship and our public power districts can get incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency projects, but no one is forced to participate.  As much as $91 million is available to our state for these programs.

There is even funding for projects like tree planting and maintenance. This can help reduce pollution and help to keep our towns and cities cooler during our hot summer months.

IRA funding could assist schools to become emergency shelters in times of disasters or power outages. In other states schools have solar panels with battery backup so they can provide shelter to their community members in times of need. In the meantime, the schools are reducing their utility bills. IRA funds could make this happen in Nebraska.

Along with the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) these Federal funds will help to produce jobs in Nebraska.

The IRA funds can help people in rural areas, in towns and in cities. They can help businesses of all sizes, churches, schools and our public power system.

These funds would likely be under the auspices of the NDEE but they could contract with other entities to help to distribute the funding.

Please do not let this unique opportunity pass us by.