Transit to Trails

Transit to Trails

Transit to Trails

Outdoor access provides numerous physical and mental health benefits, but not everyone has access to a local park. 

Transit to Trails for All would help ensure that public lands are in reach for everyone, regardless of income level, race, ethnicity, neighborhood or health. 

Currently, 100 million people cannot safely walk to a park or green space from their home. We want to create and improve public transportation options so more people can access green spaces and public recreational amenities. Those spaces can look like hiking trails, parks, bike trails, ski areas, and lakes, to list a few examples.

Through passing legislation that supports Transit to Trails efforts on local, state and federal levels, we can start undoing the transportation and environmental inequities that have been built into the American infrastructure and landscape over decades. This will also help reduce traffic congestion, parking problems, and carbon emissions for everyone.

That starts with you!

How Can I Get Involved?

  1. Spend time outdoors this summer.

    This summer is Transit to Trails Season! When possible, use public transportation to get to the parks and trails you want to explore. Take a picture and post it online with the tag #Transit2TrailsSeason. You can also tag @SierraClub and @SierraOutdoors for us to share and uplift your transit to trails story.

  2. Join a Sierra Club Transit to Trails outing.

    This summer, various Sierra Club groups, chapters and partners will be hosting #Transit2TrailsSeason outings. Stay tuned with your local groups or check back here for updates on upcoming outings. Sierra Club is also hosting a number of Earth Day outings this month.

  3. Sign our action alert below asking your representatives to support the Transit to Trails Act. 

    This #Transit2Trails bill would establish a program supporting projects that either create new transportation connectors between underserved communities and public lands, or improve accessibility in existing transportation connectors between underserved communities and public lands. For more information on this legislation, check out this fact sheet.

For many without reliable transportation options, public transit can take them over an hour and require multiple transfers to reach the nearest trailhead.

The Presidio GO Shuttle offers visitors, employees, and residents free daily service to and around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.