Clean Energy Advocacy

Volunteers in the greater Philadelphia region have developed extensive resources and organized teams of dedicated people that are working to increase the demand for clean renewable energy while decreasing our overall energy profile by using more energy efficient appliances and conserving energy whenever we can. The greater Philadelphia region can play an important role in transitioning Pennsylvania's energy landscape by using our power of informed purchasing of clean energy. Increased demand for wind, solar and geothermal energy will result in increased supply and compete with existing fossil fuel energy sources.

Following are links to regional teams, county teams, resources for community sectors and local government opportunities.

Clean Energy Advocacy Teams in Southeastern PA

County Teams and Projects

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52% of PECO customers live in communities that have set 100% Renewable Energy goals



PA Clean Energy Online Platform is a digital platform developed by communities in PA that have set climate goals, developed action plans and/or are taking action to reduce the carbon footprints of their communities. 

All of the contributing members of are representatives of Pennsylvania municipal governments (Boroughs, Townships, CoGs, Counties). Many are volunteers appointed by their respective Environmental or Sustainablility Committees. This is not a Sierra Club or Ready For 100 initiative.

Following are some of the resources found on The RF100 community encourages new communities to join as contributing or managing members.

Community Resources

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Local Government Resources