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Climate & Clean Energy Speakers Lineup

The Ready For 100 teams in southeastern PA have organized a series of experts to talk about topic related to transitioning our communities to 100% renewable energy.

The target audience is:us map RF100

  • Elected officials - supervisors, councilpersons
  • Municipal staff - township managers, facility managers
  • EAC/SAC members - committe members that will be advising about energy transition opportunities

All are welcome, and the 30-60 minute sessions will be recorded and presentations will be made available for those that cannot make the scheduled dates.

Contact Eva Wylie (eva.wylie60@gmail.com) with any questions or topic suggestions.


Upcoming Sessions











Previous Sessions


 Sessions in 2021 

  • Jan 28, 2021 - Prof Kai Landskron, Lehigh University - Achieving 100% Renewable Energy Using Regenerable Liquid Fuel - video recording
  • Mar 2, 2021 - Radnor Twp Energy Transition PlanPractical Energy Solutions (commissioned by Radnor Twp) presented their final Energy Transition Plan for the community. A combination of recommended strategies for meeting the township's commitment to transition to 100% clean renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050 can be seen in the video recording of the presentation.
  • Mar 16, 2021 - EcoHub - a new proposal for dealing with waste (all kinds) in Philadelphia. EcoHub has developed a disruptive technology and business model that will revolutionize the global materials management industry by separating, diverting and recycling up to 95% of municipal mixed waste, without the need for consumers to separate. video recording audio recording
  • June 3, 2021 - The Virtual RF100 Table - Eunice Alexander - Here's an online tool that the RF100/Chesco team has developed to share with community leaders and attendees at online events. The RF100 Virtual Table. YouTube Playlist of interviews. Video recording of June 3 presentation/discussion with Eunice, discussion followup from Eunice.
  • June 8, 2021 - Update on the West Chester Area Clean Energy Future - 100% Renewable Energy Community Engagement Campaign - Jim Wylie - How is the campaign is organized. What is the relationship between the volunteers, EAC members and the municpal governments? What are we not allowed to talk about? What is the message and the strategy for building on it? How is the CEF team engaging with stakeholders?   Materials: website, project documents used to get Council of Governments approval (Framework, Introduction, Residential),  June 8 discussion with Jim (slides, recording, notes)
  • June 23, 2021 - Achieving 100% Renewable Energy – the role of energy conservation - Sidney N Kahn, MD, PhD - Reducing energy usage by eliminating wastage. This presentation will discuss the major consumers of energy in our locality, at both individual and local authority levels, and describe measures for reducing energy consumption and its associated environmental degradation without adversely impacting living standards, while decreasing present and future costs to individuals and organizations.  Video Recording, Sidney's presentation (.pdf), Referenced Links (.pdf) 
  • Sidney is a recently retired physician / scientist with professional credentials in clinical biochemistry / pathology and 3 decades of experience in the assessment of pharmaceutical product risks and benefits. He has a longstanding interest in the environment, honed by several years of scuba diving. A decade ago he rebuilt a 1950s fossil fuel dependent house into a model of sustainability, achieving LEED Platinum status, which is featured on the Sustainable Cheltenham solar energy web page. He is a member of several local, regional, and national environmental action groups, including the Cheltenham Township EAC, Physicians for Social Responsibilty Board, and local RF100 working groups.
  • The US consumes proportionally more energy per capita than most other developed countries, which is to a large extent a result of wasteful and excessively consumptive social, commercial, and industrial practices. This presentation will discuss the major consumers of energy in our locality, at both individual and local authority levels, and describe measures for reducing energy consumption and its associated environmental degradation without adversely impacting living standards, while decreasing present and future costs to individuals and organizations.

  • July 22, 2021 - Electrical Vehicle Charging - Challenges and Opportunities
  • Part 1 - Electric Vehicle Grid Management - USA Lightweight vehicles drove 3 trillion miles in 2019 consumed 125 billion gallons of gasoline and produced 1.43 Billion tons of GHGe — Presentation by Dennis Rowan of REIV2G network — PRESENTATION (pdf)
  • Part 2 - Electric Vehicle Charging for On-Street Parking —  curbside electric vehicle charging policy and deployment solutions. With Cora Castle and Vivian Taylor, OmniPotential https://omnipotential.co/ - PRESENTATION (pdf) — MEETING RECORDING (.mp4), Chat (.txt)

  • Sep 29, 2021 - Energy Efficiency Webinar - Efficiency First! A How-To Webinar on energy efficiency  - hosted by Ready For 100/Chester County and PennEnvironment, Video Recording

Tim Beckham's Climate SeriesTim
Tim's research and personal reaction to the impacts of climate change:

May 21, 2020 - Introduction To Climate Change - video recording

July 30, 2020 - Climate Change Science - video recording

Sep 1, 2020 -  Climate Change Problemsvideo recording

Oct 1, 2020 -  Climate Change Solutions - video recording

Jun 1, 2021 - Climate Change Tipping Points - video recording

Aug 19, 2021 - Climate Change CO2 Removal - video recording

Jan 26, 2022 - Climate Change Hope - video recording

Other Videos
A few videos on energy and climate topics that our volunteers have recommended:

energy resilience   evs   better buildings  Hav EAC  V Table Image

Sessions in 2020 

Sessions in 2019

  • Sep 11 - PECO Home Energy Audits
    Mike Schneller - CleaResult    presentation   video recording
  • Sep 11 -  Brief outline of state-wide energy legislation 
    Jen Quinn, Sierra Club PA Legislative and Political Director     presentation    video recording  
  • Oct 9, - Conversion to Renewable Electricity – definition of RE, economics, availability, space requirements, zoning, and building codes - Liz Competello, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)     presentation    video recording
  • Oct 9 - Purchasing Models for Electricity – PPAs and Others - Liz Competello, DVRPC    presentation included in above recording
  • Oct 22 - Electricity Markets – How it is structured  - Henry Alexander      video recording
  • Oct 22 -  Alternative Portfolio Standard (AEPS) and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs);  - Henry Alexander video recording
  • Oct 22 - Concept of Electrification as the Best Path to Zero Emissions - Henry Alexander - video recording

Unscheduled Topics:

  • Strategies for Energy Transition and GHG Reduction
  • Update on C-PACE
  • Climate change solutions (technology) – Bill Haaf
  • Climate Collaborative of Greater Phila – Zach Greene 
  • (muni and school) Fleet analysis – going to EVs – Dennis Rowan
  • New Construction & Geothermal (schools, libraries, muni facilities) – Lisa Longo
  • Doing a community-wide solar rooftop capacity analysis – John Byrne, FREE
  • Muni facilities elec aggregation (when there is a proposal from DVRPC) – Liz
  • Creative Financing – Nancy Winkler
  • Top 5 policy recommendations (2020 version) – Mark Connolly
  • It’s Time To Push Community Solar Over The Line In PA – Ron Celentano
  • Community Engagement/Education/Listening – Paula Kline, Alison Acevedo
  • Residential Energy Storage - ??
  • PAPowerSwitch/https://www.makebenproud.com/  – good/bad options – What’s a REC? – several candidates