Issues, Opportunities and Resources. 

On the following pages, find connections to Sierra Club committees (and allied orgs) that are working with volunteers and staff to improve our present and future environmental situation in the greater Philadelphia area. The issues are local. The solutions are us. The tools we need to solve these problems come from everywhere. 

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If you would like to volunteer to help take some action to reduce pollution, fight climate injustice, promote sensible alternatives ... let's do it! See our Volunteer page or find leader info in the pages below.

What We Drink & Breath

Air and water qualtiy is important for humans, animals and our whole biosphere. We need to monitor our surroundings, identify sources of pollution and do what we can to clean up and eliminate the bad stuff.

Air and Water Quality


Local Issues

FAQs & Resources


Drive less often. Comsume less gasoline. Reduce our carbon footprints while improving our lifestyle.

Spotlight on Transportation


  • Advancing Public Transit
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Multimodal Infrastructure




Limiting Sprawl

WarrenOpen space preservation is critical for maintaining a balanced and sustainable development plan. Good for native vegitation and wildlife - local and migrating. Good for our children who will maintain a connection to nature and learn to value it in the futurte.

Spotlight on Open Space

  • Local Preservation Initiatives
  • Resources

Tread Lightly

What's you Environmental Footprint? Compared to national and global averages - are you responsible for more or less: carbon emissions, processed water, landfill contributions, etc.?

  • Sustainability Resources
    • Env Footprint Calculators
  • Sustainable PA


Don't Spray Me!

DSMThe overuse of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in our living environment is responsible for increased risks of cancer and asthma as well as effects on plant and animal life that live down wind and down stream. 

Good Garbage

highway cleanupLandfills are such a waste. Incinerators and litter are worse. And recycling is more complicated than we ever knew. Let's find ways to starve the beast! Reduce waste by eliminating single use platics, and use longer-lived "consumables". 

Spotlight on Waste

  • Plastics
  • Single-Use Reduction Initiatives
  • Recycling
  • Incinerators
  • Landfills

Aren't Our Governments Responsible For Protecting The Environment?

sandyLegislation, regulations, agencies, public hearings, superfund sites, law suits. The pieces are in place, but the wheels of government don't turn unless we keep the pressure on our elected officials, state and federal agencies to do their jobs. Here's how we can work together to achieve our goals.

  • Defending the EPA
  • PA DEP & EQB
  • Phila OOS, Township EACs


The Wildlife We Live With

VultureWhether you live in a rural, suburban or urban setting, there are still wild animals that are competing for food, habitat and travel paths around us. What can we do to avoid inadvertant harm to creatures big and small - and what kind of healthcare system do the animals have? You might be surprised at the answers.




Standing Up For Victims Of Pollution And Climate Change

Almost always, the people that live downwind and downstream of the incinerators, power plants and refineries have limited access to healthcare and legal representation to protect themselves from the effects of corporate pollution. And rising sea levels and storm surges.

The pages below will document some of the environmental justice stories and actions taken localy. And hopefuly provide some resources to help these victims.

Standing Rock

Tools We Can Use

pcmSome organizing and messaging resources that are common for all of the issues described on this page.

  • Organizing
    • Rallies & Marches
    • Meetings
    • Indivisible
  • Education
  • Letters To Editors
  • Promoting Alternatives
  • Lobbying
  • Proposing & Supporting Legislation