Ford Touts Sustainability but Brings Zero Electric Cars to the DC Auto Show


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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today marks the start of the DC Auto Show. Despite recent claims of investment in electric vehicles by Ford, the auto company isn’t showcasing any of their electric vehicles. As a part of the Auto Alliance, Ford is lobbying the Trump administration to roll back vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards.

A recent poll found that 95 percent of Americans want automakers to continue to improve fuel economy, and 79 percent want the government to increase standards. Surveys show that Americans in auto industry heavy states like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana are aligned with these views.

Transportation is the largest source of pollution in the U.S., and the forward-thinking clean car standards, when fully phased in, will cut carbon pollution nationwide by 6 billion metric tons. The standards curb pollution, improve health, and save consumers money at the pump.


In response, Sierra Club Deputy Legislative Director Andrew Linhardt released the following statement:

“Ford may be trying to put on a good show, but behind closed doors, it has been working with Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt to roll back our single biggest defense against dangerous climate pollution. Ford’s claims of sustainability in its advertising and here at the auto show are nothing more than greenwashing. If Ford wants to back up its claims, it would be arguing to put clean car standards in the fast lane, strengthening them to protect our health and our climate rather than undermining them.”


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