New York Advances Program for Utility Investment In Statewide EV Charging Network, With Focus on Disadvantaged Communities


Larisa Manescu, 

ALBANY, NY– Today, the New York Department of Public Service (NYDPS) released an order for a “make ready” incentive program, allocating over $700 million in incentives for utilities to invest in electric vehicle charging across the state and expand workplace and public electric vehicle charging stations. $200 million will go directly to environmental justice and disadvantaged communities. Today’s order shows an increase in investment from the $582 million that the NY DPS staff proposed in January

This order would accelerate New York’s goal of having 850,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025 and reduce pollution from the transportation sector, which makes up over a third of emissions in New York. 

Several recommendations from the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) provided within the stakeholder process were included in today’s order.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Funds 53,773 Level 2 charging stations and 1,500 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations throughout the state by 2025

  • $2.6 Billion in projected net benefits

  • Plan designed to guarantee 20% of each utility’s budget is directed within 1-2 miles of a disadvantaged community to increase the visibility and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure as well as increase electric miles driven by ride-hailing services in and around environmental justice areas

  • Utilities will cover 90% of the cost of make-ready infrastructure for publicly accessible chargers, 50% for restricted, and 100% in disadvantaged communities 

  • Utilities must incorporate EV charging into their planning processes 

  • Education and outreach for developers 

  • $15 million to accelerate the build out of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle charging stations 

  • Requires aiding developers in the siting and publishing of load-serving capacity map

In response, Allison Considine, New York Campaign Representative with the Sierra Club, released the following statement:

“To meet our climate crisis and protect public health, New York has got to plug in almost everything that moves - and we need the electric vehicle charging infrastructure to do it. We applaud NY DPS for listening to the voices of many advocates calling for strong utility investment in EV charging. The Sierra Club will continue to work with the Cuomo Administration and our allies to advance transportation electrification - done right - that benefits all New York residents by reducing toxic tailpipe pollution and acting on climate.”

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