EPA Framework for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Shows Promise for Climate Justice


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, EPA released an implementation framework for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, a program created by the Inflation Reduction Act that invests $27 billion in projects to reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollution and support family-sustaining jobs. The majority of funding will be dedicated to projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The new framework establishes three distinct sets of grants designed to work together to reduce climate pollution. The National Clean Investment Fund will award $14 billion to two or three national nonprofits; the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator will award $6 billion to between two and seven Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and green banks; and the Solar for All Fund will award $7 billion to up to 60 states, Tribes, municipalities, and eligible nonprofits. 

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund implementation framework also includes details about EPA’s expectations for the program and applicant eligibility requirements. EPA is accepting public comments on the framework until May 12, and interested participants will have an opportunity to provide verbal feedback at six listening sessions.

In response, Hebah Kassem, Director of Sierra Club’s Living Economy program, released the following statement:

“The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a critical and necessary program as we transition to a clean economy and continue to fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially in communities at the forefront of climate change. This new implementation framework demonstrates a commitment to addressing climate change while prioritizing equity, justice, and job creation. Now, we look forward to working with the EPA to ensure that these funds are distributed in a way that uplifts communities that have been most impacted by climate pollution and systemic racism."


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