New England States Partner Together to Harness Offshore Wind Power

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Sign Multi-State Offshore Wind Procurement Agreement

BOSTON, MA. -- Today, the governors of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island announced a first-of-its-kind offshore wind agreement. The multi-state memorandum of understanding (MOU) allows for the coordinated, cross-state solicitation of offshore wind projects in order to power New England with clean renewable energy, lower energy costs, and ensures the creation of green, local jobs for area residents. 

Together, the three states’ solicitations are up to 6,000 MW of offshore wind power. By jointly considering development bids to harness this power, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island can curb costs and boost offshore wind procurement, a vital component of each state’s decarbonization plans. 

Through the MOU, developers would submit multi-state project proposals for consideration by the soliciting parties through their respective offshore wind procurements for selection in 2024. The selection of individual projects will depend on cost and benefit assessments, as well as other evaluation criteria, developed and conducted by the states. 

In response to the announcement, Vick Mohanka, Acting Chapter Director of Sierra Club Massachusetts, and Samantha Dynowski, Chapter Director of Sierra Club Connecticut, issued the following statement:

"To achieve our states’ ambitious climate goals and address the climate crisis, New England must transition off polluting, costly gas for power and instead invest in clean energy. Offshore wind has the potential to become the most abundant energy source nationwide. Environmentally responsible offshore wind projects can spur economic development, create jobs in coastal communities, improve energy security, and drop energy rates for ratepayers, all while dramatically cutting pollution that disproportionately harms our state’s environmental justice communities. 

The Sierra Club Massachusetts and Connecticut chapters are encouraged by today’s announcement and look forward to greater collaboration on decarbonization efforts across New England.”

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