COP28 Buildings Breakthrough: US EPA Should Act on Buildings Emissions


Shannon Van Hoesen,Ā shannon.vanhoesen@sierraclub.orgĀ 

In Dubai: Jonathon Berman,Ā jonathon.berman@sierraclub.orgĀ 

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Dubai, UAE - Today, global leaders came together for the COP28 official launch event of the Buildings Breakthrough, a platform for international collaboration between national governments to achieve ā€œnear-zero emission and resilient buildingsā€ by 2030. In the US alone, emissions from residential and commercial buildings account for aboutĀ 40% of the nationā€™s total energy consumption andĀ 9% of its net greenhouse gas emissions, with 70 million U.S. buildings burning fossil fuels.Ā 

Heating appliances in homes and businesses, like furnaces and water heaters, are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the climate crisis, harm public health, and contribute to environmental injustice in the United States. AĀ recent report from Sierra Club, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and WE ACT for Environmental Justice lays out the harms,Ā  often overlooked and unregulated, posed by outdoor air pollution from buildings. Yet, there are no substantive regulations on pollution from buildings. Sierra Club and partners haveĀ formally petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to list residential and commercial heating appliances as a source category subject to regulation under section 111(b) of the Clean Air Act. Nearly 6,000 people haveĀ joined in urging the Biden administration to act.Ā 

In response, Sierra Club Managing Director Eva Hernandez released the following statement:

ā€œBuildings are typically thought to offer a safe haven and it can be disconcerting for many to learn that burning fossil fuels under our roofs, whether for heat or cooking, is harmful for our health and a major source of climate-warming pollution. It is not the job of individual consumers to fix this problem. We need the collective action of governments to electrify buildings in an equitable and affordable fashion, so itā€™s encouraging to see this international commitment. Domestically, the Inflation Reduction Act was a great first step. Now, the Biden administration must set safeguards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollution from buildings to protect peopleā€™s health and the climate.ā€Ā 

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