Sierra Club Massachusetts Celebrates Newton City Council Resolution to Avoid PFAS

The Resolution Ensures Newton Buy Certified PFAS-Free Products

Bianca Sanchez,

NEWTON, MA. – This week, the Newton City Council unanimously passed a resolution requiring  the city to avoid the purchase or use of products containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, called PFAS or “forever chemicals.” This marks the first city resolution against purchasing products with PFAS in Massachusetts, following the first town resolution passed in Brookline in 2023. 

Often used in consumer products, especially plastics, PFAS are a class of synthetic chemicals known to have many serious health impacts. “Forever” PFAS chemicals do not fully break down in the environment. Instead, PFAS contaminates the air, waterways, and even food. Some of the health impacts associated with PFAS exposure include: various cancers, damage to the immune systems, liver, thyroid, or pancreatic function, and complications at birth and impairments in children.

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The passed resolution instructs the city of Newton to purchase certified PFAS-free products in all possible instances. At the state level, the Massachusetts Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program already offers guidance against purchasing products that contain PFAS. These guidelines, however, are not mandatory. 

In response to the resolution’s passage, Sierra Club Massachusetts Transportation and Toxics Coordinator, Dan McCarthy, released the following statement.

“The bold climate action taken this week in Newton is exactly the kind of leadership we need to protect our communities and neighbors from toxic forever chemicals. We urge other municipalities across Massachusetts, and the Healey Administration, to similarly take action to reduce PFAS exposure and pollution at the source. The risks of continued toxic chemical use are clear. It’s time we stop purchasing PFAS products for good, and help to ensure equitable access to clean water and air for all Massachusetts communities.”

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