COVID-19 Recovery and Renewal for All Campaign

Right now, Congress is debating how to spend trillions of dollars to provide relief and recovery to the many facets of American life impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way that money -- our taxpayer money -- is spent will influence our society and economy for years to come. We have an opportunity and an obligation to make sure that money is spent for the public good --  remaking our economy so it doesn’t continue to exacerbate inequality and the ongoing climate crisis. 

People's Bailout

We need to strengthen our call for a recovery that helps all people, and a government stimulus that lays the groundwork for our vision of a Green New Deal.

Join our Relief and Recovery Campaign! We’ll be using virtual and remote tactics to push Congress for a People's Bailout, spread awareness of these issues in our community, and set ourselves up for a long term goal of transitioning our country to a healthy, equitable, clean energy economy.

The best way to get started is to sign up for our training and action series. See our upcoming trainings below:

  • Social Media Activism | Wednesday May 13th, 8 pm EST | Review Slides or Watch Recording

    • How to sway your member of Congress using social media. We’ll share research on the efficacy of social media advocacy (hint: it works!) share best practices for interacting with your MoC on social media, and then take coordinated action together on the call.

    • Click here to see our social media toolkit


  • Movement Building and Partnerships | Wednesday May 20th, 8 pm EST | Review Slides or Watch Recording
    • On this training we’ll discuss the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing as a guideline for what it means to partner w/ local groups, and especially how to partner with frontline communities. We’ll also discuss best ways to connect with your local Sierra Club or other organizations.
    • Click here to find your local Sierra Club Chapter


  • Creative Activism | Wednesday May 27th, 8 pm EST | Review Slides or Watch Recording
    • On this training, we’ll talk about the role of art and narrative in our social movements. We’ll think about how storytelling plays a role in creating lasting change, and get a chance to play with adn experiment with some creative tactics to express the narrative and message of this campaign. We’ll all have a chance to work on these creative pieces and share with the group.
    • Click here to see our creative tactics toolkit


  • Virtual Lobbying & Grassroots Advocacy | POSTPONED | RSVP HERE
    • This training will prepare activists for a face to face interaction with their elected leaders! We’ll go over the policy asks we’re pushing in Washington right now, how to get a meeting, and how to be an effective grassroots lobbyist in virtual meetings.
    • Click here to see our virtual lobbying toolkit


  We need a regenerative economy

COVID-19 is making our society’s stark inequalities all the more extreme. With over 33 million people unemployed, folks are struggling to provide for basic needs -- food, clean water, healthcare, paying the rent. The crisis is magnifying longstanding injustices, as Black and Latinx people are dying and getting sick at alarming and disproportionate rates, undocumented people are being denied stimulus checks, and families who aren’t able to pay the bills are facing water shutoffs. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump called the pandemic a “hoax” and didn’t take it seriously, a delay that cost us dearly. The Trump Administration has continued to bungle its response and dodge responsibility, all while Republicans in Congress are bailing out corporations and polluters. 

We cannot just rebuild the unjust, crisis-prone, pre-COVID economy that already wasn’t working for millions of Americans. We need an economic recovery plan that tackles the overlapping crises of unemployment, public health, inequality, and climate change. We need a government that supports everyday people, not polluters. 

In the weeks and months to come, Sierra Club members and volunteers across the country will be working with our neighbors and friends, organizing in online communities, and demanding our elected officials put the health of workers, communities, and the planet first. 

We need Congress to pass a stimulus that invests in millions of good paying jobs that start to build a just economy and fight the climate crisis at the same time. 

We know we can solve the toughest problems when we work together. As we're seeing now, our country is capable of massive collective action. Let's work toegether to make sure our response to this crisis helps solve the ongoing climate crisis. 

  Protect Workers and Communities, Not executives