Executive Committee Bios

Jinesse ReynoldsJinesse Reynolds, Executive Committee Chair
After moving back to Marin County six years ago, I changed focus from my full-time career in the Outdoor Industry to spending more time on critical environmental issues. I volunteered for beach clean-ups, climate marches, joined the Sustainability Commission in San Anselmo and Plastic Free Marin (Sierra Club Marin Group Committee). In November 2018, San Anselmo Town Council adopted the Single-Use Foodware Reduction Ordinance that I lead and co-authored, one of the most robust in California. Through this experience, I met a network of change-makers and was exposed to all layers of stakeholders, NGO’s and governmental officials. It kickstarted me into wanting to do more, believing that one person can truly make a difference. I was inspired to join the Marin Group Executive Committee because I believe we are running out of time to make the necessary changes to mitigate the Climate Crisis. We need all hands on deck to expedite local, national, and global environmental policy and initiatives. I am committed to this effort and ready to jump in and show up to help make it happen. I am a life-long outdoor enthusiast enjoying both water and mountain activities. My artistic medium is oil painting.

Chance CutranoChance Cutrano, Executive Committee Treasurer 
A Chicago native, Chance studied philosophy and political science at Saint Xavier University where he analyzed wildlife policy in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Chance brings experience in grassroots organizing and energy policy analysis from his time with the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign. Prior to his time at RRI, Chance was researching food, water, and energy management policy in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia. Chance lives in Marin, works on public lands advocacy and agroecology issues, and studies Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School.

Barbara Bogard

 Barbara Bogard, Conservation Committee Chair
A full-time activist and organizer, Barbara co-founded 350Marin, Pesticide Free Marin, and Sustainable Homestead. She currently co-chairs the Sierra Club Marin Group Climate Solutions Committee and the Marin Green Party and serves on the Boards of Pesticide-Free Zone and YardSmartMarin. Her primary focus these days is on environmental justice, climate change, pesticides, and GMOs. She has also co-managed local political campaigns. In an earlier life, she lived on communes in Oregon, taught high school, and designed computers. 

Pamela Ruby Meigs

Pamela Ruby Meigs, Executive Committee Member
A Registered Nurse with a Master's in Community Health, Pamelas’ caregiving includes our fragile Earth, which has been deep in her veins since childhood. She believes strongly that all living beings need now more than ever to be protected and cared for.  Her energy,  knowledge, and teaching are committed to healing and promoting a better world.  She is a Berkeley native, a long-term Fairfax resident, and a Sierra Club member since 2000. She has traveled abroad on many remote outdoor adventures' including places of disadvantaged communities and World Heritage sites. Pamelas' present and past activities are: Ross Valley Sanitary District, North Bay Watershed Association, Fairfax Corona Virus Task Force, Cascade Canyon Fairfax Firewise, former Chair -Fairfax Planning Commissioner, founder of the Fairfax Open Space Committee, former Fairfax General Plan Committee, past Fairfax Tree Ordinance Committee, and supported Measure D. She believes the Sierra Club is a strong organization to repair, care, and amend the ongoing damage of our fragile Earth.  She is concerned about losing open space, wildfire, climate change, excessive use of plastics, endangered species, pesticides, and sea-level rise.” Her vision includes more SC volunteers, expanding SC education programs, and protect as well as acquire more open space.  It is vital that Marin County keep our beautiful green vast hills, with many acres of open space,  to share this beauty with others in perpetuity. From her years of activism, Pamela feels honored to continue to care and focus her experience, knowledge, and leadership for the Marin Chapter of the Sierra Club on the Executive Committee. 

Holli Thier, Executive Committee Vice Chair

Sharon Farrell, Executive Committee Member