Stop the amount of stuff coming into your life in the first place! Rethink each purchase, share or rent seldom-used equipment, and buy second hand.

Stop buying plastic water bottles. Marin water is better tested. Check the quality of local water.

Visit the library. Do you really need to own every book you read?

Stop Junk Mail

Easy One-Step Catalog Reduction

Stop buying gift wrap! (and other tips for holidays and birthdays.)

If you reduce, re-use and recycle chances are you can't fill a whole garbage can every week. Call your trash collector and make sure you have the smallest can possible. You'll save money!

How much money do you spend on cleaning supplies? Think what you could do with all that money if you used inexpensive ingredients like white vinegar, washing soda, baking soda and liquid castille soap to make your own safe and effective cleaning products. It takes under five minutes every once in a while to save a lot of money, your health & the environment. 
Cleaner recipes.

Bring your own bags when shopping. In Marin it costs you money every time a store has to supply you with a bag. It’s so easy to get in the habit of bringing your own bags.

Buy the right light bulbs for the purpose and turn them off when you're not in the room.

Drink tap water. Marin’s water is better regulated than bottled water. You can always install a filter if you want. Fill your own reusable bottle instead of buying single-use plastic. Get info on MMWD water.

Take a walk around your neighborhood & meet your neighbors! Stronger community relationships make for a happier life. Everybody on a different schedule? Reach out to them online through If you don't have a network in your neighborhood, start one. It's simple and a great way to stay in touch for emergencies, parties, equipment sharing, carpooling, tracking lost pets and much more.

Power down your computer when you walk away from it. You can pick up right where you left off. Turn it off at night.

Get a smart power strip to plug in your electronics like WattStopper andSmart Strip .

Drought or not, it’s always a good habit to turn off the water while you lather up in the shower or brush your teeth. You'll feel free to spend more time massaging your scalp or gums. Have a bucket to save the warm up water and donate it to your potted plants that are helping keep your indoor air fresh.

Use an electronic programmable thermostat and set it to activate only when you are home. When you travel, you can pause the program and set the temperature low or turn it off if the weather is mild. Set the temperature to low at night. You'll sleep better in a cool room.

Dance to raise your body temperature! Conservation is fun!

Stop burning wood. There are healthier ways to heat your home and create romance in your life. Look into County programs to finance the changeover. And you won’t have to keep track of spare the air days.


Not ready for the trash heap? Items in usable condition should never go into the landfill. Instead make a tax-deductible donation to a local charity. 
Need the cash? Clothes in good condition can be resold thru a number of consignment shops throughout Marin. Choose the one that matches your style.

Winnow your wardrobe down to what makes you happy to wear, what feels good and what suits your lifestyle.

Donate your old shoes. Find the closest drop off location for charity.

Easy online clothes consignment:buy or sell with ThredUp.
Rent single occasion dresses at Rent the Runway where it's new to you and reasonable too.

Avoid clothes that require dry cleaning. Many clothes can be safely hand-washed in cold water even if they say "dry-clean-only." Learn more about dry cleaning chemicals.
For clothes you already own that require dry cleaning, look for alternative dry cleaners that don't use PERC. 

Outgrown toys and household items are easy to give away or sell to neighbors on

Post your item on IReuse,Craigslist or ebay. Please do not abandon items on the curb!

Medical equipment re-use service -- free to anyone who needs it. Walkers, toilets, crutches, canes, etc. Donate for deduction.


Can you recycle it? Find out here.
What does your trash collector accept?
Mill Valley

Marin Sanitary 

ZERO WASTE MARIN may have more information specific to your neighborhood.

Marin Sanitary Service customers are encouraged to put all food scraps in their green yard waste containers, now picked up on weekly basis. More information.

Never put your old electronics, computers, cell phones, etc. in the trash. Instead contact Renew Computers in San Rafael. ] Keep hazardous electronics waste out of the landfill.

Dispose of unused pills responsibly.
Find a med disposal kiosk near you.
DO NOT FLUSH MEDS!!! Protect the bay, the fish and sea mammals, as well as humans.