Leader Resources

The Sierra Club is a grassroots organization, built on the efforts of a lot of people working together to improve their community. The following resources will be especially useful for Bay Chapter volunteer leaders.

Standing Rules and Sierra Club National Bylaws 

These Guidelines apply not just to the San Francisco Bay Chapter Executive Committee itself. All participants in the San Francisco Bay Chapter and groups should try to follow the Guidelines of Conduct.

Standing Rule 2.2.6 Standards of Conduct

Guidelines of Conduct (Executive Committee Meetings)

Political Standing Rule

Sierra Club National Bylaws

Conservation Committee Standing Rules

Subcommittee Standards

MarinGroup Bylaws  

The Club's National "Bylaws, Rules and Templates Concerning Chapter and Group ExCom Elections” supersede certain provisions of "Section 4. Nominations and Elections" of each set of bylaws. MarinGroup’s Bylaws here:  https://www.sierraclub.org/san-francisco-bay/marin-group-bylaws 


Email lists (ListServs)

Most Sierra Club email lists can be found at at http://lists.sierraclub.org. To join a list, click on the list name of interest. Then click on the “Join” or “Leave” links and fill in your information. Just leave the settings as they are. For members of the local Chapter, the lists starting with "SFBAY-" will be of particular relevance, including:

SFBAY-AGENDAS — all agendas are posted here. Every group should be posting agendas here.

SFBAY-GENERAL — general discussion

SFBAY-AGENDAS — meeting agendas for the Chapter Executive Committee. Anyone may see all Bay Chapter agenda announcements in a searchable web format here.