Water Conservation

Being aware of water as a precious finite resource helps us to make conscious choices when turning on the tap.
Do you need the tap on full stream?
Do you need the water running as you brush your teeth of lather your hands? (No!)
If it's hard to change habits, imagine that you carried the water in a bucket to your off-the-grid home.

Hot water wastes water and energy if it takes time to warm it up, so ask yourself if you really need hot water for this task. If so, have a container handy to hold the warming water so you can water a few plants with it. 

Put your dishwasher and washing machine on short cycle settings unless absolutely necessary. Only run with full loads.

Some solutions seem smart but aren't. Handwashing dishes or choosing paper plates instead is not the answer.

Dirty car? Badge of honor. But keep you windshield clean for safety. If you do wash your car, take it to the carwash where water is recycled and uses less than half of house water.

Invest in water conserving fixtures and appliances. MMWD has rebates for you!

Water conservation tips from Marin Muncipal Water District.

Water conservation tips from H2ouse

Conserve water all year long! Follow Water Watch | Marin Municipal Water District for up to date water usage across the county.