Sierra Club Brand Style Guide: National Logos

Sierra Club logo - horizontal logo in color

This is the official Sierra Club trademarked logo for use on official and sanctioned documents and websites. The horizontal version is preferred, especially for web pages and emails.

Sierra Club logo - vertical logo in color

For those instances where a horizontal logo will not work, a vertical version is available.

Download Files

EPS files are primarily for print purposes, and they can scale to any size without losing quality. However, this format does not work online. Download PNG if you need to use the logo online. Also, an EPS file can only be opened by certain programs; if you're fairly certain you don't have those programs, choose PNG.

Download logo files (zip files)

Using the Logo

Only authorized personnel may use the Sierra Club logo: volunteers, employees, contractors, and vendors associated with and sanctioned by the Sierra Club. Please follow these guidelines:

Use the correct logo for your application.

  1. Preferred alignments for the two different versions:

    Sierra Club logo - horizontal logo preferred layout

    The horizontal logo looks best when aligned left or right. The vertical logo looks best when centered.

    Sierra Club logo - vertical logo preferred layout

  2. For use on a darker background, please use the 1-color reversed version.
  3. For use on a lighter background and on 1-color print jobs, please use the 1-color black version.
  4. Don’t change the fill color of the black logo to white or vice versa to fit your application. The “tree” in the logo should never be a lighter color than the background. More information on this can be found here.

    Sierra Club logo - correct reversed logos

    This is the correct use of the 1-color logos.

    Sierra Club logo - incorrect reversed logos

    This is prohibited. Never manually change the fill color of the Sierra Club logo.

Never alter any element of the logo or the logo itself.

  1. Don’t add to or subtract from the logo.
  2. Don’t change the layout of the logo’s text or alter its appearance.
  3. Don’t stretch the logo or change its proportions.
  4. Collection of incorrect usage of Sierra Club logo

    Never change the appearance of or add anything to the logo.

Give the logo room.

  1. White space around a logo is important because it shows that it is unique -- that it is not another designed element on the page. Showing the logo respect by giving it space strengthens the brand.
  2. Don’t place other elements too close to the logo.
  3. Don’t place the logo too close to an edge.

    Sierra Club logo - correct padding around logo

    The dotted lines indicate the smallest amount of cushion recommended.

Maintain legibility of the logo without altering its appearance.

  1. Don’t place on a busy background.
  2. Don’t add a glow, drop shadow, or outline.

    incorrect usage regarding legibility of logo vs. background 

    Instead of altering the logo to work on the background, adjust the background to maximize legibility.