Sierra Club Brand Style Guide

Welcome to our brand style guide. Please bookmark and refer to this guide to help you create work consistent with the Sierra Club brand.


Other Design Elements

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Logo Use Guidelines


The Sierra Club’s logos are valuable, and we need your help to protect them. By using them, you are agreeing to:

  • Always follow this style guide.
  • Never use a logo unless you are authorized.
  • Never misuse a logo or bring it or the Sierra Club into disrepute.
  • Use the logo only in a manner consistent with the Sierra Club’s mission.
  • Never use a logo for commercial purposes, without written permission.
  • If you have a written contract or permission with the Sierra Club, the terms of that authorization take priority over these rules.

Electoral and Political

There are very specific Sierra Club guidelines governing the use of logos for political or electoral purposes, whether by Sierra Club staff, volunteers, or third parties. In particular, logos may not be used for political or electoral purposes, including endorsing candidates, unless specifically authorized in advance in accordance with the Sierra Club Political Committee Compliance Guidelines. Contact if you have questions about using a logo for political or electoral purposes.


If you have a questions about how the Sierra Club logo can be used for a specific purpose, especially in regards to working with partners or businesses please email

Conditions of Use

By using these logos, you also acknowledge that the Sierra Club is their sole owner, and promise not to interfere in any way with the Sierra Club’s rights in them. All goodwill derived from your use of the logos accrues to the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has the absolute right to revoke permission to use its logos at any time, with or without a reason.

If you have questions or you’d like to apply to get your logo use approved, please contact us at For more details you can also reference the Sierra Club Brand Toolkit or the Sierra Club Digital Brand Styleguide.

The purpose of this guide is to support the work of authorized users to access the Sierra Club logos. It does not, on its own, grant you permission to use our logos. Vendors, partners, contractors, and other third parties must have a written contract or permission specifically authorizing such use. Staff should consult with their managers before using the logos. Members and volunteers should consult their local chapter or program leadership.