Program and Department Logos

Please read and follow our style guide when you use these logos. Click your desired file type below to download the logo files. Generally, PNG is best for web uses and EPS is best for printing. When you click on a link below, it will automatically download a file with the color, black, and white logos of each file type.

Download Logos

Advancement Advancement DOWNLOAD ALL
Beyond Coal Beyond Coal DOWNLOAD ALL
Beyond Dirty Fuels Beyond Dirty Fuels DOWNLOAD ALL
Borderlands Borderlands DOWNLOAD ALL
Clean Transportation Clean Transportation DOWNLOAD ALL
Environmental Law Environmental Law DOWNLOAD ALL
Gift Planning Gift Planning DOWNLOAD ALL
Grassroots Network Grassroots Network DOWNLOAD ALL
Inspiring Connections Outdoors Inspiring Connections Outdoors DOWNLOAD ALL
Local Outdoors Local Outdoors DOWNLOAD ALL
Military Outdoors Military Outdoors DOWNLOAD ALL
My Generation My Generation DOWNLOAD ALL
Operations Operations DOWNLOAD ALL
Our Wild America Our Wild America DOWNLOAD ALL
Outdoor Activities Outdoor Activities
Outdoors For All Outdoors For All DOWNLOAD ALL
Outings Outings DOWNLOAD ALL
Rachel Carson Society Rachel Carson Society DOWNLOAD ALL
Sierra Club Foundation Sierra Club Foundation DOWNLOAD ALL
Summit Circle Summit Circle DOWNLOAD ALL
Sierra Student Coalition Sierra Student Coalition DOWNLOAD ALL