About Us

The Tennessee Chapter of Sierra Club  

Who We are

The Tennessee Chapter, with 44,000 members and supporters across the state is dedicated to protecting communities and wild places through grassroots activism, public education, lobbying and litigation. We build power by connecting people across the state to address environmental and social change issues and our campaigns are strong because they are guided by local leaders.  This gives us the ability to address community concerns and how these issues impact health and quality of life and our natural resources.

Volunteer Leaders  

The Tennessee Chapter is governed by an eleven person Executive Committee (ExCom) made up of one representative from each of our four local groups across the state and seven at-large members. The ExCom is headed by a chair and officers elected annually who serve three-year terms and oversee administrative duties. At-Large members serve two-year terms. Committee chairs serve one-year terms.
Each of the four local groups — Cherokee, Chickasaw, Harvey Broome, Middle Tennessee — has a locally elected ExCom and committee chairs consisting of volunteer leaders focused on local issues.
There are four Regional Conservation Committees — Care Net, Sierra Club Clarksville-Montgomery County, Watauga, Holston Valley —  also focusing on local issues.
Issues are identified by our Conservation Committees, made up of grassroots volunteers who work on a range of topics such as water and air quality, biodiversity, public lands and more. Actions are implemented by the Conservation Committees in coordination with our local and statewide allies.