Local Groups

Our work is guided by local grassroots volunteers and strengthened by our statewide network of 44,000 members and supporters who give us the people power necessary to influence public policy and win victories for Tennessee. We give citizens the information and means to make their voices heard and we work to empower people to make lasting change in Tennessee. 

Get Involved Today! 

If you are looking to get involved with an organization that makes a difference today and every day, the Sierra Club is for you.  Get involved with a group near you today! You can also contact our Chapter Chair, Mac Post, mpost3116@aol.com and our Chapter Conservation Chair, Axel C Ringe, onyxfarm@bellsouth.net to learn more about how to get involved. 

Learn More about a Sierra Club Group Near You 

 Interim Tennessee Groups Map

Cherokee Group (Chattanooga and surrounds)

Chickasaw Group (Memphis and West Tennessee)

Harvey Broome Group (Knoxville and surrounds)

Middle Tennessee Group (Nashville and surrounds)

Local Sierra Club Conservation Committees

Sierra Club members in some communities have formed Conservation Committees forcused on local environmnet issues. These groups of friends and neighbors living in the area join together for meetings, discussions and activist events important to their neighborhoods. If you live in one of these areas, find news about their events and their interests on their Facebook pages. Join them at their meetings and follow them on FaceBook to be part of the discussions.

Clarksville-Montgomery County

Clarksville, Tennessee and surrounding communities in Montgomery County.

Care NET

Rogersville, Northeast Tennessee

Holston Valley

(Northern Tennessee)


(Far eastern Tennessee)