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Donations for Community-based Advocacy

Join over 7,000 Tennessee Chapter members in supporting the Chapter's work to build a sustainable Tennessee, supporting a healthy planet for future generations. These donations are essential, but are not tax deductible since they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Tax Deductible Donations

To make a tax-deductible gift to the Tennessee Chapter, donate to the Sierra Club Foundation, either online:  Donate to the Sierra Club Foundation  or mail a check, made out to “Sierra Club Foundation” with “Tennessee Chapter” in the memo line:



Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter
P.O. Box 113
Powell TN 37849

More Ways to Support the Tennessee Chapter:

Become a Monthly Donor

The Tennessee Chapter is effective because we have the flexibility to fight any environmental battle at any time—including legislative fights in Nashville. Monthly donors are the backbone of that power and flexibility. Your steady giving, regardless of size, sustains long-term campaigns that are improving Tennessee’s environment.




Defenders Fund – Support State Lobbying 
Sierra Club's Tennessee Chapter Conservation Program Coordinator Scott Banbury

The Sierra Club is the only organization in Tennessee that employs a full-time lobbyist in the General Assembly to address environmental threats. Your contribution to the Defenders Fund of Sierra Club’s Tennessee Chapter supports this crucial work. When you make a contribution to the Chapter’s Defender Fund, 100% goes to support Conservation Program Coordinator Scott Banbury. Scott works to inform our legislators and engage our local leaders in pushing back against the industries that would see our the laws that protect our natural resources dismantled. Scott mobilizes Sierra Club’s nearly 70,000 members and supporters across the state via weekly updates and action alerts to ensure legislators hear from constituents like you who understand the importance of protecting Tennessee’s environment.

The Sierra Club works to protect our natural resource laws, defend the rules and regulations that protect us, and empower local communities to plan and develop a sustainable and green future.  We will work to adopt policies that embrace clean energy, increase land conservation, reduce waste going to landfills, stop pipelines and reduce fossil fuel infrastructure – especially in often targeted low-income communities.

Your contribution to the Defenders Fund makes our work in the Tennessee General Assembly possible. You can contribute by using your credit card on our secure webpage with this special Defenders Fund link:

Sign up for  Legislative Updates
Get our updates about actions in the legislature that are important for our environment. They are sent by out Conservation Coordinator and Lobbist, Scott Banbury.  Yes, please send me legislative updates!!

Sign up for Sierra Club’s Action Alerts
If you would like to get email alerts when there is a critical vote and Sierra Club needs for you to contact your State legislators you can sign up for the Chapter’s Alert List by contacting Scott Banbury (

Sign up for Email Updates from the Tennessee Conservation Voters
If you would like to be sent sent weekly updates during the legislative session each year from Tennessee Conservation Voters sign up HERE!

Donate Online:

Or By Check:

Mail a check payable to TN Chapter Sierra Club with “Defenders” in the memo line and mail it to

Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter
P.O. Box 113
Powell, TN 37849
Attn: Defenders

The Tennessee Chapter of the Sierra Club is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization.  Contributions to the Defenders Fund are not tax deductible.

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Planned Giving — Your Will or Trust Can Build a Legacy for Tennessee’s Environment 

Planning an estate gift to Sierra Club or Sierra Club Foundation to benefit Sierra Club’s Tennessee Chapter enables you to create your legacy and ensure support for generations to come. Depending on the type of gift you choose — whether it’s a gift in your will, a gift of retirement assets, or a gift that provides you with income—a legacy gift can help you to:

  • Feel secure about making a future impact on the health of your regional communities.
  • Maintain control of your assets for life.
  • Receive tax benefits.
  • Give more than you ever thought possible.
  • Join an extraordinary group of visionary partners who share your passion for a healthy planet.

If you have already made a planned gift to the Tennessee Chapter or would like further information please click here:  Planned Gift or contact the Sierra Club's Gift Planning office at (800) 932-4270 or

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Give Stock

You can easily donate stocks to support our priority work in Tennessee—and you may get a nice tax deduction too!.

Fill out this form to make a non-deductible stock gift. Be sure to enter the purpose of gift as “Tennessee Chapter”
Please contact the Sierra Club at to make sure things go smoothly.

If you wish to give a tax-deductible gift by donating through our fiscal sponsor at the Sierra Club Foundation visit to fill out the form and authorize your broker to transfer your shares. When you fill out the form make sure that you enter the purpose of the gift as “Tennessee Chapter," otherwise we won’t receive your donation. It’s as easy as that! Be sure to contact the Sierra Club Foundation at for help.

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Tax-Free Donation Directly From Your Retirement Account

If you saved money for retirement in traditional 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or other tax-deferred investments, and you are over 72 years old, you may be required to withdraw at least a minimum amount, called the required minimum distribution or RMD, each year and pay income tax on this amount.

You can transfer up to $100,000 of IRA withdrawals to benefit charitable organizations by making qualified charitable distributions (QCD). If QCDs are transferred directly from a tax-deferred investment account to a qualified charitable organization they count toward your RMDs and are not taxable. Your IRA custodian must transfer the funds directly from your account to the Sierra Club Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. You can specify that the money sent to the Sierra Club Foundation and be directed to the Tennessee Chapter to be used for charitable purposes. Here is some suggested wording to provide your IRA custodian:

“I ask that $________ from my IRA fund be sent directly to The Sierra Club Foundation, a California nonprofit corporation, currently located at 2101 Webster Street, Suite 1300, Oakland, CA 94612, to be used in support of the charitable activities of the Tennessee Chapter of the Sierra Club.”

Thank you for considering this type of gift to our chapter. We recommend speaking to your financial advisor about this to ensure the best outcome.

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Give to the Tennessee Sierra Club Political Action Committee (PAC)

In our current political environment, candidate endorsements from the Sierra Club in local elections stand out. Pro-environment messaging has been proven to motivate women, younger voters and people of color—three key demographics in tight races.

The Sierra Club in Tennessee is getting itself into fighting trim, and we’re asking you to be part of it. Join local voter registration campaigns, work with Sierra Club coalition partners, help with the transition off coal, and right now, contribute as generously as you can to our PAC so we can enjoy having environmentally friendly representatives at local and state government positions.

To donate by credit card:

Visit the Secure Webform Tennessee Sierra Club PAC Credit Card Donation Form

To donate by check:

1. Click here: Tennessee PAC Donation Form
2. Fill out the brief form and click “Submit.”

3. Then mail your check payable to Tennessee Sierra Club Political Committee

Tennessee Sierra Club Political Committee
c/o David Bordenkircher

500 Paragon Mills Road, Apt. G6
Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Contributions to Tennessee Sierra Club Political Committee are not tax-deductible.
*Please remember, only US citizens can donate to this PAC*

Thanks for your generosity and solidarity.

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Rewards for New Memberships (including Gift Memberships) 

There is a reward program for recruiting new members to the Sierra Club. The Chapter and its groups earn 100% commission for first-year dues from online new membership sign-ups. This only works using links on the Chapter and group webpages to join. If a new member clicks on the JOIN button in the upper right corner of the Chapter or a group webpage and signs up for a $15 (or more) membership, the Chapter or group gets a commission of $15 (or more) back! So encourage people to join through our Chapter and group webpages rather than using the National SIerra Club website or by calling or through the mail.

This reward program also works for gift memberships. If you use the following links for gift memberships to new members, the respective Chapter and groups will get the commissions:

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 Donate Your Vehicle

Did you know you can donate your used vehicle to benefit the Tennessee Chapter? Whether it’s running or not, your car, truck, boat, RV, or motorcycle could support our educational work. Your donation will go towards raising awareness of our efforts to protect and improve the natural environment of Tennessee.

We make the process of donating your old car or unused vehicle both simple and easy. Plus, you may even qualify for a tax deduction. Just call 844-6-SIERRA (844-674-3772) or visit our vehicle donation link for easy instructions about the process:

Clean out your garage and help out the environment by making a significant contribution to our vehicle donation program. Donate your vehicle today!

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