The Tennessee Sierra Club Chapter has outings and activities planned across the state! The Tennessee Chapters represents 44,000 members and supporters in Tennessee. We are a volunteer-run grassroots environmental, conservation, and outdoors organization.  All of our leaders are trained volunteers.  Come out, enjoy and learn more about the wild spaces around us – in all weather and all seasons!

Our outings include hikes in State Parks, natural areas and wilderness areas. Our leaders are trained by the Sierra Club to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Check our Outings page for information about upcoming hikes, information about requirements and guidelines on choosing the ones best for you.

All of our outings/events are open to both Sierra Club members and interested non-members.

Current situation with Respect to the Covid Pandemic

The Sierra Club National Office guidelines below were last updated in September 2021. With the Omicron variant spreading fast even among the fully vaccinated and boosted, HBG suggests added caution pending updated guidelines.

"Based on feedback from employees and in consultation with our safety staff, we have decided to extend the Sierra Club’s current Covid response plans through May 31, 2022. Given the current Covid situation, we recognize the need to offer continued flexibility for you to balance and manage your individual needs. We will continue on the path we launched in July--slowly reopening our offices, methodically ramping up events & in-person activities, and being cautious in travel planning. Doing so patiently allows our mission-critical work in these areas to continue.

It is our hope that the expansion of vaccine access to young children this fall and winter will enable us as an organization to quickly ramp back up our operations--and scale back our response--in the spring. Barring any unforeseen complications, we expect to share an update with you all by the end of May."

For more information on local hikes and events, please visit the local Sierra Club group near you.  Below you can find fun and educational outings across Tennessee:

Harvey Broome Group (Knoxville)

Wartch the calendar on the HBG website to see what outings will be scheduled. Once scheduled, signups will be possible through the calander by followng the instructions given.  

Please contact: Joan Tomlinson, joanptomlinson@gmail.com, for updated information about outings in the Knoxville area. 

Chickasaw (Memphis)

Contact: Matt Farr, outings chair, at (901) 517-8879 for a list of the outings or go to the Group's Facebook page,

Cherokee Group (Chattanooga)

Contact: Marie Brown at  marietommybrown@gmail.com or 423-499-9691 for information about outings in the Chattanooga area. Cherokee Group typically has an outing each month! 

Explore, Enjoy And Protect The Planet!