Dallas Sierra Club Conservation

"To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural, human environment."

The Dallas Sierra Club believes that all environmentalists should “walk their talk” by striving to conserve the natural beauty in their microcosms by advocating for our communities, both big and small, to enact practices that protect residents from the repercussions of industrial pollution, environmental racism/zoning, heat islands, and historical contamination.

The Dallas Sierra Club has an active Conservation and Eco Action Committee that focuses on local, environmental advocacy that  goes above and beyond to create neighborhood environments worthy of their inhabitants. We are proud to advocate for (and assist) local, grassroots groups as they work on the following:

  • The Creation of Urban Gardens
  • The Greening of Local ISDs
  • Elimination of Unpermitted/Residential Concrete Batch Plants
  • Broaden Recycling Programs
  • Water Conservation and Clean Up
  • Superfund Site Testing and Remediation 
  • Chemical Soil Contamination.
  • Eminent Domain Issues

Recycling Guide

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Conservation starts at home! Think globally, act locally comes down to your own garbage can.  The majority of Americans recycle, so join us.  Click here for information about recycling in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding cities.