A Living Economy

A Living Economy

A Living Economy

In this moment of interlocking crises, a movement of movements is joining together to fight for industrial policy transformation that unites communities fighting pollution, workers fighting for good jobs, and frontline groups fighting racial and economic inequity.

We seek a new approach to trade that replaces protections for corporate polluters with protections for people and planet. We seek bold policies aligned with the Green New Deal that create good jobs, cut pollution, and build climate resilience for those hardest hit by the fossil fuel economy. 

For too long, economic policies have prioritized corporate polluters, not people and planet. Corporate trade deals and status-quo spending policies pad the pockets of CEOs while exposing communities of color, immigrants, and working-class families to toxic pollutants, climate disasters, and low wages.

Our cross-sector movement for a living economy is building unity and gaining momentum. It’s time for us to win the future we all need and deserve. Join us!

Fumes from a smokestack at a steel mill in Cleveland, Ohio. iStock

Coming Clean on Industrial Emissions

A new Sierra Club report and interactive map reveals — for the first time — the facility-level emissions for four heavy industries: Steel, cement, aluminum, and metallurgical coke.

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November 16, 2023

U.S. joins 13 countries to announce the completion of work on three pillars of negotiations on supply chains, clean economy, and fair economy agreements

November 15, 2023

Environment & Public Works Committee holds hearing on “Opportunities in Industrial Decarbonization:

November 6, 2023

150 clean construction projects announced across the country

November 2, 2023

Groups argue ISDS prioritizes corporate rights over governments, people, and the planet

November 2, 2023

Cassidy’s bill primed to benefit American manufacturers in industrial, renewable energy sectors