How to Build Back Better: A Plan for Economic Renewal

The economic crisis has reinforced longstanding injustices, as women, Black workers, and low-income households endure particularly severe job losses.  Toxic pollution and escalating climate disasters only magnify the inequity by exacerbating threats to public health and economic security. 

We cannot afford to return to “normal.”  “Normal” was fundamentally unjust, unhealthy, and unstable.  Instead, we need to put millions of people back to work building a more equitable, clean energy economy.  We need an economic renewal plan that is as big and interconnected as the crises we face.  

A new economic analysis reveals the path forward.  With a bold economic renewal plan, Congress could provide family-sustaining jobs for over 15 million people for the next 10 years – enough to essentially end the unemployment crisis – while countering systemic racism, supporting clean air and public health, and cutting climate pollution nearly in half.  Click on the links to check out the jobs this plan would create, broken down by race, gender, wage, benefits, union access, and sector: 

Report Contents

Support Clean Energy Workers

Clean Transportation for All

Clean and Healthy Buildings

Manufacturing Renewal

Clean Water for All

Pollution-Free Communities

Regenerative Agriculture

Care Work and Public Services