CA Legislature and Priority Bills

Where Laws are Made

California has a bicameral legislature, an assembly and a senate. There are 80 assemblymembers and 40 senators. The legislature meets for two-year sessions, beginning in January of every odd year. Typically, the legislature does not meet during autumn months, but legislators continue to hold informational hearings and do business in their districts.

Making and Tracking Laws for the Environment

Sierra Club California staff include registered lobbyists who track legislation, educate legislative staff and legislators about environmental issues, and advocate for the environment when specific bills are under consideration. 

The staff also works to keep Sierra Club members around the state informed about the status of key bills, and to alert them when Club members need to let legislators know their constituents support the environment.

How We Engage With the Legislature

Listen to our staff and policy advocates discuss the process behind how Sierra Club California engages with the legislature and elected officials, how we takes positions on bills and policies, and how we inform our members about opportunities to advocate for those bills and policies. You can view and download the full presentation here.

Priority Bills

As California's two-year legislative session proceeds, Sierra Club California staff and the California Legislative Committee review hundreds of bills and develop positions on many of them. As the most important bills emerge, we develop a priority list and post it here to help keep our members informed.

For a list of 2023 priority bills and their current status in the legislature, click here.

We need Club supporters' help to push the bills that will help the environment and stop the bills that will harm the environment.  Writing letters, sending emails, or making calls to your state legislators about important bills are excellent ways of helping.  Click here to sign up for alerts about our most urgent issues needing your action.

If you would like more information about how you can participate in Sierra Club California's advocacy work at the legislature, click here.

All Priority Bill Lists: