In-District Advocacy

Citizen lobbyists

The Key to Effective Sierra Club California Advocacy in Sacramento: Effective In-District Advocacy by Club Volunteers

Legislators care about what their constituents think. Indeed, no matter how much money they receive from special interests, legislators know that they ultimately have to win the votes of their constituents to stay in office.

That’s why it is so important for Sierra Club activists to develop a relationship with their legislators in their own backyard—in the district where voters vote. Legislators are generally willing to listen to the views of constituents on home turf. And they need to hear from constituents who care about the environment.

Click here for a link to a document that outlines the steps you can take to become an effective in-district voice for Sierra Club California.

In-District Lobbying Webinar

Sierra Club California hosts webinar trainings on how to be an effective in-district volunteer advocate. Watch the recording below. The video features a presentation by our Communications and Digital Manager Michael Blenner.

Letter to the Editor (LTE) Training

Our Letter to the Editor (LTE) Training covers the basics of what an LTE is, how you can identify opportunities to write one, the value they have for environmentalists, and the best practices for getting your LTE published. If you're interested in writing an LTE, please contact your local chapter representative.

Getting--and Staying--in Touch with Legislators

Legislators like to know that their constituents are active and care. You can stay on top of your legislators’ activities by subscribing to their newsletters, friending them on Facebook, attending local town halls, subscribing to their Twitter feed, and arranging visits with your legislators or their staffs in their district offices to discuss issues (most legislators are in their district offices on Fridays and during session breaks in the spring, July, and September through December).

Here are a few web links to help you get started on getting to know and be in touch with your legislators.

Who represents you in the California legislature? Go to this link and type in your address:

List of members of the California Assembly and links to their websites:

List of members of the California Senate and links to their websites:

You can track bills and how your legislators vote at:

For a printable download of how to stay in touch with your legislators, click here.