California Legislative Committee

SCC SB 1132 Rally Sign

Reviewing and Guiding Our Positions on California Legislation

The California Legislative Committee (CLC) ensures that policies taken and promoted by Sierra Club California at the legislature and before state agencies are consistent with Sierra Club and Sierra Club California (SCC) goals and policies, as established by the California Conservation Committee (CCC). The CLC is comprised of skilled volunteers who are experts in particular subject areas and have experience reviewing and analyzing laws and legislation.

The Sierra Club California Executive Committee appoints a CLC chairperson and up to 11 other active members to the committee in January of odd-numbered years (which is the start of a new two-year session in the California legislature). The committee members are appointed to two-year terms.

Practically, the CLC provides a pool of experts to help guide Sierra Club California staff advocates. To provide good legislative guidance, the CLC members must read dozens of bills at the beginning of each year and review SCC staff recommendations about what position the staff should advocate for each bill. Then, during the legislative session, CLC members offer expert, timely guidance when staff advocates encounter new legislative developments.

The members also may provide guidance on specific topic areas under consideration at regulatory and other state agencies. This advice is done in conjunction with the designated issue contact for the California Conservation Committee. The chair of the CLC, or a designee, participates in a three-member committee that considers SCC positions on political appointees.

For more information about how the committee operates, see the Bylaws and Standing Rules for Sierra Club California.

For a list of current CLC members and their topic areas, click here.

For a full list of the current executive and administrative committees and members, click here.

If you are an active Sierra Club member in California and would like to be considered for a position on the CLC in the future, contact us here.

Current Sierra Club California CLC Members

Patricia Jones, Chair
Ruben Arizmendi
Steve Birdlebough
Kevin Bundy 
Marlene Esquivel
Nancy Flores
Andy Katz
Eric Parfrey
Travis Ritchie
Al Sattler
Ron Stork
Matt Williams
Chris Gilbert