Why Buy Clean?

Buy Clean Campaign

Aligning Public Spending with Our Environmental Goals

Green bridge

The Buy Clean campaign calls for state agencies to spend taxpayer dollars on supplies for public infrastructure projects in a way that is consistent with the state’s globally recognized climate change goals. 

California is a demonstrated leader in the fight against climate change, and it’s time to put our money where our policy is.

California is the fifth largest economy in the world and has great market influence because of its purchasing power. The State of California has more than $100 billion in long-term obligations for infrastructure projects, spending roughly $10 billion per year on infrastructure projects--from roads to bridges to buildings. This does not include the money that is spent by local and regional governments on infrastructure purchasing.

Our Buy Clean campaign aims to educate and influence local governments, state agencies, Sierra Club members, and the general public about buying clean in California.

We want to build broad support for the Buy Clean concept, targeted campaigns for local adoption of Buy Clean policies, and effective implementation of Buy Clean policies already adopted at the state level. 

On July 17, 2018, the Richmond City Council became the first municipality to unanimously adopt a resolution supporting State implementation of the Buy Clean California Act to help reduce climate pollution. The resolution also directs Richmond staff to prepare a report on how the city can implement similar sustainable purchasing policies. Read the press release here.

Click on the links below to see the local resolutions that cities and counties have passed in support of the Buy Clean California Act and the State’s efforts in encouraging cleaner manufacturing practices.

Join our Buy Clean campaign today. We are looking for volunteers to help at every level of the campaign. Sign up here if you want to help

Contact Molly Culton, Conservation Organizer at molly.culton@sierraclub.org or (916) 557-1100 x1100, for more information.

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