Press Releases


1/22/2024 - Sierra Club California Files Lawsuit Against Delta Tunnel

1/17/2024 - Court Denies Department of Water Resources’s Attempt to Use Bonds to Fund Environmentally Destructive Delta Tunnel

1/10/2024 - Governor Newsom’s Budget Proposal Cuts Vital Climate Resiliency Funding but Preserves Investment in Environmental Conservation


12/18/2023 - Department of Water Resources Refuses to Allow Public Comment Period on Delta Tunnel Final Environmental Impact Report 

12/8/2023 - Department of Water Resources Releases Final Environmental Impact Report on The Environmentally Destructive Delta Conveyance Project

11/17/2023 - Friends of the River, Sierra Club, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Condemn Today’s Hastened Approval of Sites Reservoir’s Environmental Impact Report

11/6/2023 - Governor Newsom Subverts CEQA to Jam Through Environmentally Destructive Sites Reservoir Project

11/2/2023 - Sierra Club California Releases 2023 Legislative Report Card: A Solid Year for Legislators and a Mixed Bag for Newsom

11/2/2023 - 60+ climate and health groups call for Governor Newsom to back a statewide zero-emission building code

9/16/2023 - Sierra Club California Responds to the State’s Lawsuit Against Big Oil

9/12/2023 - California Passes First-in-the-Nation Bill to Expand Transparency in Corporate Emissions

6/12/2023 - What State Legislators Are Saying About Governor Newsom’s Infrastructure Package

5/19/2023 - Sierra Club California Responds to Governor Newsom’s Infrastructure Proposal

5/12/2023 - Governor’s May Revision Budget Proposal Preserves Environmental Investments but Shifts Funding Away from Vital Climate Resiliency Programs

1/10/2023 - Governor’s Budget Proposal Reduces Key Funding for Climate Programs but Maintains the Majority of Investments in Crucial Initiatives


12/16/2022 - Sierra Club California Submits Public Comment on Draft Environmental Impact Report for Delta Conveyance Project

12/5/2022 - Governor Newsom Calls Special Session to Crack Down on Oil Industry Price Gouging

11/16/2022 - California Air Resources Board Releases Final Scoping Plan Proposal

11/7/2022 - Sierra Club California Opposes Oil Industry-Backed Referendum to Repeal Senate Bill 1137, A Historic Health-Protective Law

10/28/2022 - California Air Resources Board Considers Strengthening Proposed Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

10/14/2022 - Sierra Club California Releases 2022 Legislative Report Card: Scores Sink Thanks to Diablo Canyon Vote

10/11/2022 - MWD Board Votes in New, Pro-Environment Board Chair

9/16/2022 - Governor Newsom Signs Critical Legislation to Protect Frontline Communities from Oil and Gas Operations

9/1/2022 - 2021-22 California Legislative Session Includes Critical Wins for the Environment and Public Health

8/25/2022 - California Air Resources Board Passes Rule to Achieve 100% Zero Emission Light-Duty Vehicle Sales by 2035

8/11/2022 - Sierra Club Responds to Governor Newsom’s Updated Water Strategy

7/27/2022 - Department of Water Resources Releases Draft Environmental Impact Report on The Environmentally Destructive Delta Conveyance Project

7/22/2022 - Governor Newsom Releases Letter on State’s Climate Goals and 2022 CARB Scoping Plan

7/7/2022 - Sierra Club California Responds to San Diego Tribune Report on Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

5/24/2022 - May Update to Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Uncovers Polluter-Backed Campaign Contributions Ahead of Primary Elections

5/13/2022 - Governor’s May Revise is Mixed Bag for Environment and Addressing Climate Change

5/11/2022 - MWD Board Votes to Participate in Voluntary Agreements

5/10/2022 - California Air Resources Board Releases Draft 2022 Scoping Plan

4/12/2022 - MWD Board Votes to Fund Environmentally Destructive Sites Reservoir Project

3/9/2022 - Biden Administration Restores California Long-Standing Authority to Slash Vehicle Pollution & Protect Communities

3/9/2022 - Sierra Club California Responds to Governor Newsom’s State of the State Address

1/25/2022 - Additional Environmental Justice, Tribal, Conservation, and Fishing Groups Oppose “More Water Now” Ballot Measure

1/10/2022 - Governor’s Budget Proposal Invests Critical Dollars in California’s Fight Against Climate Crisis


12/21/2021 - Environmental Justice, Tribal, Conservation, and Fishing Groups Oppose “More Water Now” Ballot Measure

12/16/2021 - Sierra Club and Partners Respond to California’s Pathways to 30x30 Draft Report

12/16/2021 - California Water Commission Votes to Advance Two Environmentally Destructive Water Projects

11/30/2021 - November Update to Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Reveals 17 Assembly Members Have Now Received Over $10,000 From Polluters

10/27/2021 - Sierra Club California Releases 2021 Legislative Report Card

10/21/2021 - Sierra Club and Allies Release Statement on Newsom Administration’s New 3,200-foot Setback Distance Draft Rule to Protect Communities from Harmful Oil Operations

9/15/2021 - Sierra Club California Applauds Defeat of California Recall Election

8/17/2021 - August Update to Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Reveals Republican Party Tripled Contributions from Polluters

6/24/2021 - California’s Largest Grassroots Environmental Advocacy Organization Names New Director

6/8/2021 - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Hires Adel Hagekhalil as New General Manager

5/14/2021 - Governor’s May Revision Proposes Increased Investment to Tackle the Climate Crisis

5/13/2021 - May Update to Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Find Few Legislators Received Fossil Fuel Money

4/23/2021 - Sierra Club Statement on Governor Newsom’s Commitment to Ban Fracking by 2024 and Assess the Phase Out of Oil and Gas Production by 2045

3/29/2021 - California’s Leading Environmental and Environmental Justice Groups Reject Recall

2/11/2021 - February Update to Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Oil & Gas Adds Contributions for Newly Elected Legislators and Republicans

2/1/2021 - New Public Opinion Survey: Public Opposes Delta Tunnel

1/14/2021 - Court Ruling Invalidating State Parks Carnegie-Tesla EIR

1/8/2021 - Governor’s Budget Proposes More Help to Transition to Electric Trucks and Buses, Cars


12/8/2020 - Metropolitan Water Board Votes to Spend $59 Million on Planning for Newsom’s Tunnel

11/30/2020 - Tracking the Dirty Dollars Project Sheds Light on Oil & Gas Contributions to Legislators

11/19/2020 - California Air Resources Board Takes Action to Protect Public Health from Indoor Air Pollution from Gas

10/8/2020 - Sierra Club California Releases 2020 Legislative Report Card

10/7/2020 - Sierra Club Welcomes California’s Focus on Lands, Waters as Climate Solution

10/1/2020 - Governor Signs Bill that Creates Jobs while Cutting Pollution, Improving Public School Health and Safety, and Accelerating Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

9/30/2020 - Governor’s Veto of Toxics Regulators Reform Bill Condemned by Environmental and Environmental Justice Organizations

9/24/2020 - Senator Wiener and Assemblymembers Limón and Robert Rivas Announce They Will Introduce Fracking Ban in December

9/23/2020 - Governor’s Executive Order Takes a Step Toward Climate Action in Transportation Sector

8/17/2020 - Rolling Blackouts Reveal Need to Accelerate Clean Energy Action

7/28/2020 - Newsom Administration’s Final Water Portfolio Rests on Environmentally Harmful Foundation

7/16/2020 - As Oil Giant Goes Bankrupt, California Governor Urged to Hold Industry Responsible for Well Cleanups

7/14/2020 - Metropolitan Water District Approves General Manager Hiring Plan that Invites Public Input

6/25/2020 - California Air Resources Board Adopts Landmark Zero-Emission Truck Rule

6/22/2020 - Sierra Club California Endorses the Schools & Communities First Initiative

5/14/2020 - Governor’s May Revision to Budget Proposal Puts Air Quality, Other Environmental Outcomes at Risk

5/7/2020 - State Budget Deficit Must Not Lead to Core Service Cuts; Illuminates Need for Federal Action; Time for Republicans in California Delegation to Step Up

4/14/2020 - Metropolitan Water District Raises Water Rates During COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Downturn

2/10/2020 - Mayor Garcetti Advances Cutting Carbon Through Procurement Policies

1/15/2020 - Newsom Administration Rushes to Start Tunnel to Divert Water from San Francisco Bay Delta


12/12/2019 - California Air Resource Board Reviews Zero-Emission Truck Regulation, Leaves Door Open for Strengthening Before Spring Adoption

11/21/2019 - Delta Ecosystem Remains at Risk with Latest State Proposal; Governor’s Plan to Sue Trump Again Justified

11/19/2019 - Marin County Adopts Low-Carbon Concrete Building Code

11/19/2019 - Governor Newsom Launches Action to Protect Public Health from Oil Production in California

11/5/2019 - Sierra Club California Report Demonstrates Clean Alternatives to Biomass Incineration

10/22/2019 - Santa Clara County Passes Resolution in Support of the Buy Clean California Act

10/22/2019 - Trump Administration Releases Biological Opinion that Dooms Salmon and Other Fish in California

10/21/2019 - Sierra Club California Releases 2019 Legislative Report Card

9/27/2019 - Governor Vetoes "Trump Insurance" Bill

9/25/2019 - Los Angeles Moves to Strengthen Sustainable Procurement

9/15/2019 - SB 1 Coalition Responds to Governor’s Announcement

9/11/2019 - Senate President pro Tempore Atkins Releases Legislative Amendments to Address Concerns and Strengthen California’s Response to Federal Environmental, Public Health and Labor Rollbacks

8/30/2019 - Important Environmental Protection Bill to Protect California from Trump’s Rollbacks Moves Forward

8/28/2019 - Governor's Withdrawal of Air Appointee Appropriate

8/27/2019 - Santa Cruz County Passes Resolution in Support of the Buy Clean California Act

8/13/2019 - State Files Suit to Challenge Trump Administration Rollback of Power Plant Cleanup Rules

7/24/2019 - Chevron Seeks to Avoid Accountability as Massive Kern County Oil Spill Grows

5/28/2019 - Report Calls for a Smart and Sustainable Water Portfolio in California

5/15/2019 - Berkeley Passes Resolution in Support of the Buy Clean California Act

5/10/2019 - Governor’s May Revision Funds Powerful Tool for Addressing Climate Change

5/8/2019 - Cupertino Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of the Buy Clean California Act

4/12/2019 - Response to Gov Newsom's Release of Climate and Wildfire Report

4/2/2019 - State Board Adopts Long-Awaited Regulations to Protect California Wetlands

2/12/2019 - First State-of-the-State Delivers Half a Loaf for the Environment

2/5/2019 - Report Highlights Cement Pollution in California


12/14/2018 - Sierra Club California Praises California’s Adoption of Clean Bus Rule

11/30/2018 - Governor Betrays California's Environmental Health with Latest Step on Water Policy

11/7/2018 - Voters Appear to Reject Irresponsible Pay-To-Play Water Bond Measure

10/11/2018 - Sierra Club California Releases 2018 Legislative Report Card: Scores Sink Thanks to Logging & Incineration

9/28/2018 - Zero-Emission Buses Move a Giant Step Closer to Becoming Commonplace in California

8/20/2018 - Sierra Club California Publishes Report Calling for More Affordable Housing in California

7/24/18 - California Water Commission Decides How to Distribute Prop 1 Water Bond’s $2.5 Billion Allocated for Storage 

7/18/18 - Richmond Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of State Buy Clean Efforts 

7/3/18 - Key Renewable Energy Bill Scales Major Committee Hurdle in California Assembly

5/25/18 - Air Board Spending Vote Advances Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles and Clean Air

5/8/18 - Sierra Club California Condemns Delta Twin Tunnels Project

5/1/18 - Praise for California’s Commitment to Clean Car Standards

4/10/18 - MWD Vote Saddles Ratepayers with High Costs and Harms Investments in Local Water Supplies 

2/12/18 - Sierra Club Launches Ad Campaign to Protect Air & Forests from Waste Industry Incinerators

2/7/18 - California DWR Tries to Duck New Environmental Analysis on Tunnels Proposal 

1/26/18 - Governor Makes Bold New Commitment to Zero-Emission Vehicles 

1/25/18 - Governor Brown’s 2018 State of the State Address Highlights Zero-Emission Vehicles 

1/4/18 - Trump Administration Releases Appalling Plan to Open Offshore Drilling in California


10/25/17 - 2017 Legislative Report Card Released

10/22/17 - List of Necessary Characteristics for California's Next Governor

10/16/17 - Governor Signs Buy Clean Bill

6/1/17 - Innovative Bill to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Passes California State Assembly by 68-3

5/11/17 - Governor’s May Revision to State Budget Keeps California on Track 

3/24/17 - California Air Board Reaffirms Commitment to Zero-Emission Vehicles

2/1/17 - New Buy Clean California Bill


10/26/16 - Oil-backed IE Mischaracterizes Candidate's Enviro Record

10/13/16 - 2016 Legislative Report Card: If Scores Were Grades, Many Legislators Would Flunk Out

9/8/16 - Governor Signs Key Climate Bills Into Law

6/23/16 - Volkswagen's Emissions Scandal Settlement

6/23/16 - Reportedly Up to 210,000 Gallons of Crude Oil Spilled in California

5/11/16 - Big Oil Targets Another Clean Air Champion

5/11/16 - Praise for Signing of SB 380 Natural Gas Storage Bill

5/4/16 - Oil Industry Continues Efforts to “Buy” California’s Electoral System

3/9/16 - Praise for Plan to Restore Focus to Southern California Air District

2/10/16 - Coastal Commission Fail

2/10/16 - Senator Feinstein's Water Bill Seriously Flawed

2/5/16 - Study Links CA Earthquakes with Oilfield Wastewater Injection

2/4/16 - Sierra Club Joins Unprecedented Coalition to Save Lives, Prevent Teen Smoking

1/27/16 - Praise for Important New Lighting Efficiency Standards

1/15/16 - Water Resources Agency Tunnel Design and Construction Contract is Premature

1/7/16 - Governor's Budget is Mixed Bag for Environment


12/17/15 - State Water Commission Fumbles on $2.7 BIllion

12/3/15 - Praise for New 100% ZEV Goal

10/14/15 - Sierra Club CA Releases 2015 Legislative Scorecard

10/7/15 - SB 350 Signed in Law

9/11/15 - Hailing Passage of SB 350, Model for the Rest of U.S.

9/9/15 - Oil Industry Wins Skirmish, Not the War

8/26/15 - Boxer and Feinstein Urge Support of SB 350 and SB 32

6/3/15 - Passage of Landmark Climate Package

5/20/15 - New Santa Barbara Oil Spill Illustrates Unprecitability of Oil Infrastructure

5/6/15 - Sierra Club California Condemns Deceptive Misuse of Logo

4/30/15 - Sierra Club California Condemns Governor's Latest Delta Plan

4/29/15 - Praise for Governor's Greenhouse Gas Targets for 2030

2/24/15 - Plastic Bag Ban Supporters Respond

2/6/15 - Sierra Club Calls for Investigation of Oil Waste Well Permitting

2/2/15 - Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary Nomination Filed

1/5/15 - Response to Governor's Inaugural Address


11/24/14 - SANDAG Appellate Victory

11/5/2014 - Two Local Fracking Bans Pass, One Fails

10/31/2014 - Pan Misleads Public on Environmental Record

10/14/2014 - Sierra Club Releases 2014 Legislative Report Card

10/7/2014 - Central Coast National Marine Sanctuary Will Bring Economic Benefits

8/5/2014 - Enviro Groups Push Good Gov't Water Bond

7/24/2014 - PPIC Poll Shows Drought Concern High, Big Water Bond Support Weak

7/3/2014 - AB 69 Tries to Undercut Climate and Air Pollution Regulation

6/16/2014 - Senator de Leon as Pro Tem

6/12/2014 - LWV & Sierra Club CA Oppose Big Water Bond

5/29/2014 - Fracking Moratorium Bill Defeat

5/21/2014 - Monterey Shale Revised Estimates Support Fracking Moratorium

4/8/2014 - Fracking Moratorium Bill Passes First State Senate Committee

2/28/2014 - Statement on L.A. City Council Fracking Moratorium Action

2/20/2014 - SB 1132 Fracking Moratorium Bill Introduction

2/12/2014 - Statement on CCC Offshore Fracking Review

1/23/2014 - Judge Throws Out Enviro Lawsuit Challenging CEQA Practices and Fracking 

1/22/2014 - Statement on Governor's State-of-the-State Address

1/17/2014 - Drought Emergency Declaration Praised


12/19/2013 - Alternatives to Giant Bay Delta Tunnels Released

12/9/2013 - Bay Delta Conservation Plan Release: Same Bad Proposal, No Real Solution

11/15/2013 - Statement on Draft Fracking Regulations

10/29/2013 - Sierra Club 2013 Legislative Report Card Released

10/24/2013 - Sierra Club Praises Clean Cars Initiative

09/20/2013 - Sierra Club Statement on SB 4 Signing

09/18/2013 - California Standards on Carbon Intensity of Fuels Move Forward

08/16/13 - Evans and Atkins Receive 2013 Byron Sher Award

08/01/13 - Statement on California PPIC Survery Results on Californian's Attitude About the Environment

06/07/13 -  Sierra Club California Statement on Closure of Nuclear Power Plant 

05/14/13 - Governor Brown's Budget Play Harms Public Health and the Environment

05/07/13 -  Sierra Club California Condemn Governor Brown's Out-of-Date Delta Policy

02/05/13 - Sierra Club California Statement on Sen. Jerry Hills Appointment to Chair Senate Environmental Quality Committee

01/24/13 - Sierra Club California Statement on Governor Brown’s 2013 State-of-the-State Address

01/10/13 - Sierra Club California Statement on Governor Brown’s 2013 State Budget Proposal


11/6/12 - Sierra Club Condemns Latest Oil Billionaires’ Efforts to Control California Elections

10/17/12 - Sierra Club Condemns Organized Trade Association Attacks on Assemblymember Michael Allen’s Environmental Record

10/16/12 – Sierra Club California Statement on Unregulated Fracking Lawsuit

8/23/12 - Sierra Club California Statement on Abandonment of Environmentally Dangerous Bill 

8/22/12- Sierra Club California Statement on Upcoming Groundbreaking Clean Energy Vote

8/15/12 – Sierra Club California Responds to Reports of Planned Rollbacks of Environmental Safeguards

8/14/12 - State Lands Commission Defers Final Vote on PG&E’s Seismic Imaging Plan Amid Concerns from Local Citizens, Fishermen, and Environmentalists

7/25/12 – Sierra Club California Statement on Governor’s Brown’s Delta Tunnel Proposal

7/20/12 - Sierra Club California Statement on State Parks Director’s Resignation and Surplus Funding Disclosure

7/3/12 – Sierra Club California’s Letter to Governor Jerry Brown on Next Steps for State Parks

5/14/12 – Sierra Club California Statement on Governor’s Budget Proposal Revisions

5/9/12 - Sierra Club California Praises Governor’s State Water Board Appointments

5/8/12 – Sierra Club California Praises Introduction of Federal Bill to Better Manage Berryessa Snow Mountain Area

5/2/2012 – Sierra Club Launches State-wide “My Generation” Campaign for Local Clean Energy

4/20/2012 – Sierra Club Praises Designation of Fort Ord National Monument

4/19/12 - Regulators Say No to More Fossil Fuel Power Generation in California

2/1/12- Protect California

1/23/12- Sierra Club Joins Lawsuit to Challenge San Diego’s Flawed Transportation Plan

1/12/12- California Regulators Add Teeth to Landmark Clean Energy Policy


11/14/11- Sierra Club California Statement on Rep. Darrell Issa’s Attack on California’s Clean Air Authority

9/26/11-Sierra Club California Release on AB 650 Veto

6/13/11-2010 California Coastal Commission Conservation Voting Chart

5/26/11-California is Best in the Country on Solutions to Oil Dependence, But More is Needed

4/12/11-Gov. Brown Gives Renewable Energy Goals the Green Light