Local Ballot Measure Approval Form

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Instructions:   Sierra Club endorsement of or opposition to a city, county or district ballot measure requires decisions both at the chapter and State level.  To request Local Ballot Measure Review Committee approval for a position, please fill out this form and submit it by e-mail, together with a copy of the ballot measure, to all of the individuals listed on the last page of this form. 

Members of the review committee will check to see that your proposed action is consistent with Sierra Club policies; you should receive a response from the committee about the review process in about two working days.  

Please note that any plan for fund-raising or expenditures by the Sierra Club in connection with a proposition, initiative, or referendum must be separately approved in advance, as described at the end of this form. 

Thank you for your work to give the Sierra Club an effective voice,

Eric Parfrey, Chair

Description of Ballot Measure


Today’s Date:  ___/___/___    Chapter submitting:          _________________                             

Descriptive Title of ballot measure: ________________________________________


City, County, or Special District involved: _________________________

Election date for vote on measure:  ___/___/___        

Proposed Position  (Check All that Apply): 

Support __              Oppose__       Signature Gathering___


Attach, or provide a link for, the full text of the ballot measure.


What vote of the electorate is required to pass?

Majority___             Two-Thirds___        Other (specify)___


If this measure is for renewal of a tax or fee, what position, if any, did the Sierra Club take previously?

Support___             Oppose___             Neutral/None___   Unknown ____


Provide other informational materials such as news articles, the official summary or ballot arguments.  If they are not yet available, provide the “pros & cons” that were considered in your Chapter’s consideration.

Approvals by Local Chapters and Groups

Date of Chapter vote:  ___/___/___

Chapter Vote on recommendation: Yes: __ No: __ Abstain: __ Absent: __ Recuse: ___


Group or section involved, if any: ______________   Date of vote:  ___/___/___

Group or Section Vote:               Yes: __ No: __ Abstain: __ Absent: __ Recuse: ___

If two or more people voted “No” describe the basis for dissent - use an attachment if necessary, and include names and contact information for dissenting members.

Does this measure affect any other Chapter (e.g., issues related to air quality, regional transportation plan, etc.)?  If so, what consultation has taken place, even if the other Chapter does not have a vote?

Which Sierra Club Policies were reviewed in considering whether to recommend a position?

(Quote relevant parts of the relevant policies below, and use a separate sheet if necessary.)

Support or opposition of local ballot measures must be consistent with the following State and National Club policies.

If your measure is related to growth, read the California Growth Management Policy Guidelines, especially the guidance included in the appendix on which types of growth measures the Club supports and which types it usually opposes. The Growth Management Policy Guidelines is posted online at https://www.sierraclub.org/mother-lode/environmentalissues/PlanningandTransportation.

Other adopted California Conservation Committee policies should be consulted (you can search these policies by subject at https://www.sierraclub.org/california/cnrcc/cnrcc-passed-resolutions).

National Sierra Club Policies are posted at https://www.sierraclub.org/policy.  If your measure is related to growth, especially read the recently adopted Urban Infill Policy, posted at https://www.sierraclub.org/policy/urban-land-use-policies.

Also helpful is the lengthy Urban Infill Guidance document adopted in 2021. It is posted at https://www.sierraclub.org/smart-growth-urban-infill.  This guidance is advisory only.

Note:  If a proposed measure predominantly conforms with State and National Policies but conflicts in some details, it becomes a matter of discretion whether the Sierra Club can support it. For example, we may decide to endorse a transportation ballot

measure that predominantly funds transit that we seek but also includes some highway funding that we oppose that is necessary for political support.

Chapter Campaign Plans and Main Contact

Describe chapter campaign plans and attach samples of proposed publicity regarding the measure (press releases, op-ed articles, ballot arguments, etc.)

Name and contact information for your chapter spokesperson on this measure: 

Name(s):  _____________________     E-mail:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________

Phone:  ____________________



 Please e-mail this form together with a copy of the ballot measure and all other supporting materials to the below individuals.  Any questions or concerns may be addressed to the chair.

Eric Parfrey, Chair  parfrey@sbcglobal.net  (209) 641-3380 

Steve Birdlebough  scbaffirm@gmail.com  

Nathan Chan   chan.nathan.th@gmail.com

Darrell Clarke   darrclarke@gmail.com

Chris Gilbert      chris@gilbertbiz.com

Felicia Gomez Verdin   felicia4oneunitedlacounty@gmail.com

Nick Pilch nicky@mindspring.com 

Pat Piras   liarslose13@gmail.com                                                                                 

John Rizzo  jrizzo@sprintmail.com  

Brandon Dawson  brandon.dawson@sierraclub.org           

Ruth Muzzin rmuzzin@friedmanspring.com

Sierra Club National Compliance Team compliance.review@sierraclub.org               

NOTE:  Please observe the following requirements if your chapter, group, or section plans to raise or spend money on any local ballot measures!  

Election campaign contributions and fundraising (including staff activity) are governed by State and federal regulations.  Sierra Club California and all chapters are collectively restricted by tight spending limits and reporting requirements.  No Club funding for any local ballot measure may be undertaken without advance authorization by Sierra Club California. Contact Executive Director Brandon Dawson (916-557-1102) or Compliance Officer Ruth Muzzin (505-440-2656) for advice and e-mail all plans for Sierra Club election fundraising or contributions (including staff activity) to them, and to the National Compliance Team.  

The chapters and Sierra Club California may not spend $50,000 or more in total Club funds on state/local ballot measures in California this year, or $100,000 or more in any 4-year period.  This includes in-kind contributions like staff time.  Exceptions to this rule include money spent on member communications; and staff time for people who dedicate less than 10% of their time per month on CA state/local ballot measures. 

Form last revised Aug. 8, 2023