Governor’s Budget Proposal Invests Critical Dollars in California’s Fight Against Climate Crisis


January 10, 2022

Contact: Brandon Dawson,


Governor’s Budget Proposal Invests Critical Dollars in California’s Fight Against Climate Crisis


SACRAMENTO— Today, Governor Gavin Newsom released his 2022-2023 state budget proposal, which includes critical funding to protect Californians against the climate crisis. The budget integrates key state dollars to combat climate change into every facet of state government.

The governor’s proposed budget allocates $22.5 billion over five years across all agencies. Specifically, the budget seeks to increase funding for zero emission vehicles, decarbonize California homes and buildings, invest in water conservation and efficiency technologies, support small farmers in transitioning to climate-friendly production, and establish a framework to support transitioning workers from polluting industries to clean energy jobs.

The budget proposal commits $6.1 billion in clean transportation to put clean cars, trucks, and buses on the road and support an equitable transition to electrification for underserved communities. Included in this commitment is $1.5 billion for electric school buses and $2 billion for zero-emission trucks, buses, and off-road equipment and infrastructure. This will profoundly reduce toxic air pollutants throughout the state, particularly in areas that have been historically overburdened by dirty energy and transportation.

Governor Newsom reiterated commitments to phasing out fossil fuels. His proposal invests billions to transition the state off of dirty fossil fuels towards affordable, clean energy. There are also provisions in the budget to train oil and gas industry workers in oil well remediation and clean energy jobs. The proposal also includes funds to cap and remediate abandoned oil and gas wells - however - the costs of cleaning up dirty oil wells should be footed by the fossil fuel industry, not state taxpayers.

Lastly, the governor doubled down on investments in conserving California’s lands and waters. The budget proposal includes $382 million for the 30x30 initiative, which aims to preserve 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030, as well as an additional $756 million to advance State Parks programs and the Outdoors for All initiative. This funding will help ensure that access to nature is equitable for all Californians.

Statement from Brandon Dawson, Director of Sierra Club California:

“The Governor’s budget proposal highlights just how involved the state must be to combat the climate crisis and protect California for future generations. If adopted, many of the investments announced today will aid in mitigating the worst of climate change’s impacts.

“However, Californians know that we need more than just money to fight the climate crisis. We need strong regulatory actions to address the source of the crisis: the practices of the fossil fuel and other extractive and exploitative industries that continue to harm our lands, rivers, ecosystems, and communities - largely BIPOC and underserved communities. The state must hold these industries accountable and ensure they foot the cost of remediation, not the taxpayers.

“Sierra Club California staff, volunteers, and members look forward to working with the Governor and legislature to ensure that any budget allocations protect our communities, and lead to a safe, clean environment for generations of Californians to come.”


Sierra Club California is the legislative and regulatory arm of Sierra Club’s 13 local chapters in California, representing half a million members and supporters.