About Our Program

At the Sierra Club, we are diligently working to explore the integration of social justice and environmental concerns. Our program seeks to provide an effective framework for addressing the damage, risk, and discrimination facing so many communities today. By encouraging, connecting, and advising grassroots and community organizations, we hope to foster the growth of the environmental justice movement so that oppressed communities will find justice and everyone can experience the benefits of a healthy and sustainable future.

Across the country, we have a growing number of regional environmental justice programs. From helping with rebuilding post-Katrina New Orleans to protecting sacred Navajo sites in Arizona and serving as a voice for Appalachian communities suffering from the abuses of Big Coal, our regional programs are working to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Through our work in environmental justice, the Sierra Club is committed to leading the way toward just sustainability and a better tomorrow. For more information on our regional programs, please visit our Regional Programs page and get involved!