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The White Pine Group includes members in Dubuque, Jackson, Delaware, Clayton, Fayette, Allamakee, Winneshiek, and Howard counties in Iowa.

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In April, 2023, a Polk County District Court judge ruled that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) improperly approved Supreme Beef’s nutrient management plan.  The nutrient management plan is a document that lays out the amount of manure that can be applied to crop fields and identifies those fields, so that the manure can be used by the crops and will not run off the fields into water bodies.

Now that the Polk County judge has ruled that the DNR improperly approved the nutrient management plan, it is up to the DNR to require Supreme Beef to resubmit a new plan.  Furthermore, the DNR told Supreme Beef that it cannot remove any manure from its storage basins until a new nutrient management plan has been approved.

We will continue to follow this.

See the livestream "Supreme Beef Update", presented November 18, 2022.  Supreme Beef is a large beef confinement near Monona, in Clayton County.  It is in the headwaters of Bloody Run Creek trout stream.

Photo below is Bloody Run Creek.  Taken by Larry Stone.

Bloody Run Creek trout fisherman, Clayton County, iowa