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Stop New Gas Expansion in Massachusetts!

Urge Your Representative to Co-Sponsor and Support H.3237

As we finally turn the page on our dirtiest fuel source, we must focus our sights on methane, which is eighty times more potent than CO2 in its first twenty years in the atmosphere and is linked to health problems, particularly in environmental justice communities. We must ramp up our transition away from fossil fuels to a clean and renewable future. Right now, Massachusetts legislators are considering legislation that would put a HALT to the expansion of large gas pipelines and instead invest money in the transition to renewables. They need to hear from you!

Step 1: Find your legislators 
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Step 2: Send them an email! A sample email is below; please edit and personalize as you see fit

Step 3: Go the extra mile and and call them to ask them to co-sponsor! 

Sample Email

Sample Subject Line: Co-Sponsor H.3237: Stop Locking Us Into Combusting Fuels! 

Dear Representative (NAME) or Senator (NAME),

In a groundbreaking and long-awaited ruling in the 20-80 Future of Gas proceeding, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) firmly rejected utility industry plans to invest in gas and hydrogen as the solution to meeting our greenhouse gas emission reduction mandates and spelled out the need for legislative action so they can implement the changes we need. This ruling begins to move the Commonwealth beyond gas and toward its climate goals. The next step is to put an end to large gas system expansion! Will you add your name to co-sponsor H.3237: An Act Establishing a Moratorium on New Gas System Expansion? 

The need to put a halt to big gas expansion projects in Massachusetts has never been clearer. Building new gas infrastructure isn't just bad for the climate and our health, it's also a burden on our wallets. H.3237 - An Act Establishing a Moratorium on New Gas System Expansion offers a solution.

Ending large gas system expansion would:

  • Help Massachusetts meet its climate goals
  • Protect us from higher utility rates by avoiding new charges for unnecessary infrastructure buildouts
  • Protect people from indoor air pollution and new volatile fuels running under streets and into homes

Will you co-sponsor H.3237: An Act Establishing a Moratorium on New Gas System Expansion? As the DPU made clear in its December Order, climate action can’t wait. Don't let us get locked into a dirty and expensive future. Together, we can build a cleaner, healthier Massachusetts powered by clean energy.

Please co-sponsor today.



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