About Our Program

Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors is at the forefront of a national movement to ensure every service member, veteran, and their families enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors by supporting programs and policies that remove barriers to access. At this time, we have nine chapters with Military Outdoors programs: Alaska, Angeles, Atlantic, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Loma Prieta, Michigan, and North Star

For many service members and veterans, meaningful connections and a sense of camaraderie can be achieved by recreating and relaxing in nature, which provides gateways to new missions and continued service to the lands they swore an oath to protect. 

Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors program provides more than the healing power of the outdoors, it also activates and empowers skilled service members and veterans to lead others in outdoor recreational activities that are not only beneficial to the participants, and fulfilling for the leader but benefit our planet as well.

Service members and veterans are change agents who are enthusiastic about making a difference in their communities. When our service members and veterans thrive, society greatly benefits. 

The goal of Military Outdoors is to improve the lives of service members, veterans, and their families through connections with the outdoors and to inspire them to become outspoken champions for environmental conservation and social justice.