Get Involved


One way to familiarize yourself with the mission of the Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors is to participate in a Sierra Club group outing convenient to you. These can include a local walk in your nearby park, community beautification, a hike or maybe camping at your nearest state or national park led by Sierra Club volunteers or chapters. The Sierra Military Outdoors campaign has nine dedicated outings programs specifically for veterans. You can read more about them or join an outing by visiting their respective links: Alaska, AngelesAtlantic, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Loma Prieta, Michigan, and North Star.


If you are interested in leading outings, click Get Outside to find a local chapter near you. With some training and mentorship, you will be able to lead your fellow servicemembers, veterans, and military families on outdoor outings that not only are healthy but can build camaraderie as well as create a sense of kinship and community. These outings range from local hikes, and camping trips, to white water rafting and so much more.


We understand that venturing outdoors may be a daunting task for some service members and veterans. However, there are ways for you to support the Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors. Feel free to make a tax-deductible donation, or participate in a fundraising event to help us continue to introduce and support those who benefit greatly from communing with nature.


The Sierra Club Military Outdoors always needs volunteers! Our organization is different from many other environmental groups in that most of the work is done by volunteers who are supported by a small number of paid staff. We want to protect the environment across the country - we can't do it without you!