Sierra Club Sends A Holiday Card from Scott Pruitt to Oklahoma Families


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Oklahoma City, OK -- This year, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has given a lot to families across the country and in his home state of Oklahoma: dirty air, polluted water, and toxins like mercury and chlorpyrifos. And, every time he’s attacked a clean air or clean water safeguard, it’s been a huge gift to the corporate polluters he works so closely with who have given so much money to his campaigns and political efforts.

In that spirit, the Oklahoma Sierra Club is sending a holiday card to 17,000 families in Oklahoma to ensure more and more people know of the damage Scott Pruitt is doing to air, water, and health in the Sooner State and beyond.

“While Scott Pruitt has been giving gifts to corporate polluters by slashing public health safeguards, Oklahoma families are stuck with polluted water and toxins like mercury and chlorpyrifos that threaten the health of our kids,” said Johnson Bridgwater, Director of the Oklahoma Sierra Club. “Oklahoma families deserve better than Pruitt’s polluters-first agenda, so we’re calling on Pruitt to stop putting the health of our communities at risk just so he can give himself gifts by scoring political points.”

The cards will reach mailboxes across Oklahoma starting this week, and include a petition that can be sent back to Pruitt to urge him to stop his anti-public health agenda.

In addition to building public outrage of Pruitt’s polluter-first policies, he is also under investigation for wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars on a secretive soundproof phone booth, under fire for hiring political research firms to investigate his own staff, and has drawn scrutiny for making taxpayers pay for his luxury travel habits.

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