Sen. Barrasso Introduces Bill to Gut Endangered Species Act


Virginia Cramer,, 804-519-8449 

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Sen. Barrasso today introduced a bill that would unravel the Endangered Species Act by weakening the reliance on sound science, giving authority over wildlife decisions to often hostile state management, and stripping the ability of the public to hold agencies accountable when they fail to act.

In response, Jordan Giaconia, Sierra Club federal policy associate, issued the following statement.

“This bill is nothing more than another attempt to roll back protections for some of our country’s most imperiled wildlife. Shifting from a basis in science to one blown by political whims leaves wildlife exposed, threatening to reverse decades of work to bring animals back from the brink of extinction. You need to look no further than Sen. Barrasso’s home state of Wyoming, where grizzly bears prematurely stripped of endangered species protections are about to be trophy hunted, to see the risks legislation like this poses.”



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