Sierra Club calls on Indiana’s governor to veto bill aimed at propping up the coal industry at customers’ expense


Melissa Williams,


INDIANAPOLIS — A piece of dangerous and unnecessary legislation that would slow the retirement of Indiana’s aging, polluting coal fleets, lead to higher bills for families and businesses, and worsen the climate crisis is headed to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk, and Sierra Club and its supporters urge him to veto it. 

Representatives from grassroots environmental groups, economic justice organizations, consumer watchdog groups and energy associations have publicly opposed House Bill 1414, which has moved through the House and the Senate in recent weeks, and is intended to keep coal burning in Indiana for years to come.

Despite being burdened with more Super Polluter coal plants than any other state, Indiana is making progress in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy from wind and solar—which means clean air, clean water, and lower costs for customers as the price of renewable energy continues to decline. 

But coal companies want the Indiana state government to bail them out and halt this progress. If HB 1414 passes into law, it will delay the retirement of outdated, expensive and polluting coal plants and create higher costs for customers.

In response, Wendy Bredhold, campaign representative for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign in Indiana, released the following statement:

“Gov. Holcomb should stand up for everyday Hoosiers by vetoing this dangerous, unnecessary legislation. House Bill 1414 would keep Indiana burning outdated, polluting coal for generations to come, and slow down the modern clean energy investments that would build up our economy, lower our bills and protect our public health.

“This bill doesn't provide meaningful support for coal communities impacted by the energy transition, but instead bails out coal companies by raising our electric bills. We urge Gov. Holcomb to put the needs of Indiana’s families and businesses above the coal industry’s profits and reject HB 1414.”


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