Sierra Club Calls on Toyota to Publicly Commit to All-Electric Fleet


Larisa Manescu,

Washington, DC - After years of lobbying against tougher emissions standards and federal incentives to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), Toyota has allegedly told U.S. officials – behind closed doors and with no official record – that it is fully committed to going all-electric.

In response, Sierra Club’s Director of Clean Transportation for All Katherine Garcia released the following statement:

“Typically when Toyota has a private conversation with government officials, it’s to lobby against zero-emission vehicle targets – like it reportedly did at last year’s G7 meetings. We would be thrilled to learn that Toyota’s backroom meetings are now focused on promoting electric cars and trucks. 

“Toyota has stalled for too long and needs to join many of its competitors and commit to phasing out gas-powered cars. However, all signs point to the contrary: instead, Toyota continues to greenwash its pollution-emitting vehicles and lags behind other automakers when it comes to producing and selling battery EVs. That is why we are calling on Toyota to make this promise publicly and present its timeline for exclusively selling zero-emission, all-electric vehicles. We look forward to Toyota testifying with a full-throated endorsement of the EPA’s proposed emissions standards for light-duty vehicles at next week’s hearing.”

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