Sierra Club Slams House Republicans For Voting to Overturn Truck Standard

House Republicans Voted 221 To 203 On A Joint Resolution To Nullify Truck Standard

Jonathon Berman,

WASHINGTON, DC -- This week, House Republicans voted to nullify the Biden-Harris Administration’s federal standard to reduce smog- and soot-forming pollution from heavy-duty vehicles through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). 

The resolution aims to invalidate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard, which targets NOx pollution from trucks and buses, a major threat to public health for millions of Americans and especially dangerous for marginalized communities across the nation that live next to major freight corridors. This federal truck standard was the first update in over 20 years. The NOx standard has not been challenged in court.

Hundreds of advocates were engaged during the EPA’s comment period for the Biden-Harris Administration’s NOx Standard in 2022.

President Biden is expected to veto the resolution. 

In response, Sierra Club Clean Transportation for All Director Katherine García issued the following statement: 

“Once again, the majority of House Republicans have made it clear that they do not care about the millions of Americans burdened by toxic diesel pollution. Protecting people from deadly pollution is fundamental to EPA’s mission and the standard is clearly authorized by the Clean Air Act.  

“The Sierra Club is committed to continuing to work with allies to ensure that protective standards help clean up polluting trucks, and we call on President Biden to swiftly veto the shameful CRA.”

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