Biden-Harris Administration Releases Housing Plan to Reverse Negative Impacts of Local Zoning Laws


Larisa Manescu,

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released its Housing Supply Action Plan, which funds jurisdictions committed to removing barriers that restrict housing among other actions to increase the availability of affordable housing.

In response to the announcement, Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All Deputy Director Rebekah Whilden released the following statement:

“Bad local zoning laws harm communities in a major way across the country, exacerbating the climate crisis and keeping people in economic deprivation. The Biden-Harris Administration’s Housing Supply Action Plan is an important step to reverse this reality. 

“The US is largely an auto-centric society with high housing costs where people have little choice but to drive in many communities. Policies that improve density in neighborhoods means that people can live closer to where they work, go to school and the doctor, and access other essential services. Paired with affordable, frequent, and reliable public transportation, this housing plan can improve access to affordable housing and help our society become one in which people can choose how they get around.”

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