Sierra Club Releases New Statement Outlining Rail Recommendations


Larisa Manescu,

NATIONWIDE – Today, the Sierra Club released an updated statement on rail, outlining a series of recommendations to improve both passenger and freight rail, as well as expand rail electrification. The statement is a resource for policy makers, government officials, and advocates on how investing in rail can help create good jobs, provide equitable mobility, reduce traffic congestion, and cut climate emissions.

Nationwide, road transportation is responsible for 82 percent of transportation greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while rail is responsible for 2 percent. Electrifying railroads will further reduce their GHG and more than triple their energy efficiency.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will provide a once-in-a-generation investment to expand and improve our passenger and freight rail system. This is a guide for successfully implementing the funding.

Read the full report here, and an overview of the toplines here.

“Electrifying trains is imperative to advancing environmental justice and improving air quality for communities across the nation. In Southern California, we have families who live closest to these rail yards– overwhelmingly low-income communities and communities of color— suffering from the impacts of diesel locomotive pollution and noise pollution every single day. The technology is here to go zero-emission,” said Sierra Club Field Manager Yassi Kavezade.

“Investing in rail is a climate solution – and we have a historic opportunity for funding it from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Our report shows the many opportunities the US can leverage to improve rail throughout the country for the health of our communities and planet,” said Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All Director Katherine García.

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