Sierra Club Statement on EPA Endangerment Finding on Aircraft Lead Pollution


Larisa Manescu,

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a final “endangerment finding” about the harmful health impacts of lead pollution from certain small airplanes, which will trigger legal requirements for the EPA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue regulations to address this dangerous source of pollution. 

While commercial airplanes and private jets fly on fuel that contains no lead, the gasoline in those smaller aircraft and helicopters still contains lead that sickens communities living nearby airports and is the single largest source of lead in the air today.

In response, the Sierra Club’s Legal Director Joanne Spalding released the following statement:  

“Families that live near airports for old planes that still use lead-containing fuels are suffering from toxic trails of lead in the air they breathe and on the plants and in the soil where they live. This lead is showing up in children's blood and manifesting long-lasting health impacts. The EPA has a responsibility to do its job and move urgently to address this public health issue and regulate this pollution so no aircraft can continue to run on lead-laced fuel.” 

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